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20th January 2023

News History


- Due to a disagreement with one of the Discord server admins (CoopeZz XIII) who claims to be of authority and wants to maintain ownership, we have started a new Discord. You can read the full discussion about the issue here.

- We now have a PSXDEV.NET Discord Server (as seen here).

- CSS div settings changed to wrap words so that the IRC log doesn't have a massive text overflow and corrupt the HTML layout.

- Members Area fixed.
- Copyrights updated.

- 5 Years of PSXDEV.NET!
- Members Area updated (unneeded logos and FTP registration removed).
- Homebrew section updated (new games added).
- NO$PSX Version 2.0 has been released by Martin Korth (link available from our 'Downloads' page).
- Downloads section cleaned up a little.
- ReCaptcha 2.0 added to the contact section (outdated ASP scripting removed and PHP added).
- Fixed the broken IRC bot (new SQL database and logic handler (thanks to 'tlrmcknz')).

- The "Sony PlayStation SCPH-100 Service Manual" has been updated to the 5th Edition release which is the complete service manual.

The "PlayStation 1 CD-ROM Mastering" tutorial in the 'Help' section has been updated to Revision 1.1.

A new version of PSXSERIAL is available. It fixes a bug to do with the Net Yaroze DTL-H3050 cable.

- Check out some reviews from some original Net Yaroze developers here!
- Gravitation from the Net Yaroze is now on Steam (now known as Super Grav).

PSXSERIAL USB Cables available in the store.

Only 3 DTL-H2000's available left for purchase.

PSXLICENSE is now available for download here.

Sony DTL-H2000's are available for purchase in the store.

The Psy-Q 4.7 Libraries and Documentation are now available for download under the 'Downloads' tab.
To upgrade, replace the 'LIBS' and 'INCLUDE' folders with the two new folders in this archive whilst merging the new 'DOCS' folder with the existing one. Please note that this is not the complete 4.7 SDK, it is an upgrade only.

BuildCD Version 2.46 is now available for download under the 'Downloads' tab.

Added a 'Links' tab to share some useful links.
The DTL-H2000's will be coming soon to the store...

The 'Tools' content has been moved into the 'Downloads' section.
The 'Members Area' has been improved security wise.

Sony DTL-H2000's will be available for purchase in the store soon (terms and conditions apply).
An IRC Log page has been added to the 'Members Area' panel.
The 'Hello World' example code has been improved.

Happy New Year! I would like to request if anyone has a DTL-H2010 (front | back) that they would be willing to donate. If so, please let me know by clicking 'contact' above, as it would be great to allow users to debug their programs and games on a DTL-H2000 I have.

A new Psy-Q Technical Reference manual has been added to the downloads section. Be sure to upgrade to release 2.3 for the Psy-Q Runtime Library 4.3!

New PlayStation CD-ROM discs have been added to the downloads section! Be sure to download and upgrade to Tech. Ref. 2.1 for the Psy-Q Runtime Library 4.1.

A PSXSERIAL adaptor is in the works and will be available to purchase from the store soon. This hardware will help get your PS-EXE's uploaded until the PSX Blaster is finished. It runs at 115200 BPS without any problems, and will be based on an FTDI (USB).

A new tutorial has been added to the 'Help' section on how to master a PlayStation 1 CD-ROM with XA (eXtended Architecture).

The Competition #02 has ended, and we are pleased to annouce its winner [LameGuy64] for entering [MeidoDemo]. The next competition (#03) will kick off in December 2013.

A new tutorial has been added to the 'Help' section on how to setup a Windows Virtual PC environment with our pre-configured Windows XP PSXDEV hard disk image.

Just a reminder that the PSXDEV 2013 Homebrew Programming Competition (#02) will be ending on the 1st of JUNE. Be sure to submit all entries before the deadline!

Keeping backups is VERY IMPORTANT. You never know when your HDD will fail. So as a reminder, we have an FTP service running for serious PlayStation 1 programmers and developers where you can store your hard work. Storing it on our server means that you can see other peoples code, development progress, try out other users creations and see their progress! Check it out here.

Happy New Year!
We have been waiting for the domain to become free for a whole year, but it has been taken again.
So, here we are on to stay. Please be patient as we fix some server problems while we move.
This year we will release the PSX Blaster, which is a USB Comms Link for developing on the PlayStation 1.
More information will be displayed here on the homepage once we have it ready to go.

The PSXDEV Network would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas

Wrote and added the guide "How do I make/master a bootable PlaStation 1 CD-ROM?" here.

The second PlayStation 1 Programming Competition (PSXDEV Codeblast '13) has started!
Start programming, and let your imaginations run wild. More information can be found here.

Christmas is around the corner, and that means it is time for the second PlayStation 1 Programming Competition!
Rules, details and prizes will be revealed on the 1st December, so keep your programming skills at the ready.

The PSXDEV website HTML code has been looked over, and we have fixed many problems with the site.
PSXDEV made it onto HITMEN (thanks Groepaz!)
We will be launching a PSXDEV FTP server for the uploading/downloading of PSX Executables and Source Code.
To get your credentials to login and start uploading, sign up in the 'Members' section on the menu bar.

The C code for 'How to make a Hello World program for your PlayStation' (here) has been updated and improved.

A USB based Comms Link device is in the works. No more will you need to use an Xplorer with an LPT1 connection.

The server will be offline between the 22nd of August to the 29th of August 2012 from 2am to 6am AEST for upgrades and repair. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Modchips now available in the PSIO Store.
Reccomended for testing and playing CD-ROM based homebrew games that users have made.

A few website fixes have been rolled out.
There is now a contact tab in the menu bar above available.

The Yaroze section as well as a news section has been added!
The Net Yaroze section is a replacement for the Net Yaroze server that Sony shutdown a few years ago.
It will soon feature a login system.

Forums fixed. Just waiting for the style/theme to be completed.
How to install and setup PSY-Q help is now available here.

New style and theme coming soon to the forums to match the with the html site, as well as bug fixes.
There is also a new tutorial for PSY-Q under the help section (Hello World).

Want to program something for the PlayStation 1 competition?
Then be sure to check out the help section above.

PSXDEV website launched.


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