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[2019-05-18 11:18:00] <hedev> hello?
[2019-05-12 06:29:30] <krom> I want a realtime display of the channels playing at the bottom, then I will do the sound stuff
[2019-05-12 06:29:20] <krom> smf-: here is where I am upto with my mod player on N64:
[2019-05-11 09:50:39] <krom> smf-: hi, still doing my N64 modplayer now!
[2019-05-11 09:05:28] <smf-> krom, how is the mod player going?
[2019-05-07 13:17:14] <krom> good luck with any psx dev stuff you are doing
[2019-05-07 13:16:25] <krom> torxe: nice, yep lol =D
[2019-05-07 13:10:11] <torxe> hopefully ill return the favor one day with all the stuff ive been downloading
[2019-05-07 13:09:55] <torxe> thank you so much!
[2019-05-07 13:01:29] <krom> I got that from originally, so it should be exactly what you are looking for
[2019-05-07 12:59:41] <krom> torxe: here you go:
[2019-05-07 12:58:51] <krom> torxe: yeah sure, gimme a mo...
[2019-05-07 12:56:22] <torxe> its the only thing i cant find mirrored anywhere else on the internet
[2019-05-07 12:45:54] <torxe> can anyone throw me a copy of PSXLICENSE.EXE? would appreciate very much
[2019-05-07 12:13:13] <chek> nice, not sure though
[2019-05-07 11:45:29] <torxe> ive been saving all the tools from the forums like crazy for the last couple of days making my own little library
[2019-05-07 11:34:00] <torxe> darn anyone know why is the psxdev website is falling apart with 500 errors? tried to grab PSXLICENSE.EXE and just cant, same with random forum post attachments
[2019-05-07 08:47:17] <krom> yep def!
[2019-05-07 08:47:11] <smf-> ps1 mod player should be far easier
[2019-05-07 08:47:04] <krom> no APU HW like the PSX has, but the powerful RSP vector processor can do upto 128 channels on N64 with full power
[2019-05-07 08:46:48] <smf-> ok that sound awkward
[2019-05-07 08:45:58] <krom> N64 just has a stereo PCM DAC, which can playback samples from RAM @ max slightly above 44.1 KHz
[2019-05-07 08:45:55] <smf-> I really feel that the console generation killed the scene
[2019-05-07 08:45:19] <smf-> forget that, port protracker to ps1
[2019-05-07 08:45:03] <krom> but I am going down the rabbit hole of listening to .mod files atm lol!
[2019-05-07 08:44:53] <smf-> I don't know anything about n64 audio
[2019-05-07 08:44:24] <krom> only audio I have done on N64 is RAW PCM playback, MuLaw/ALaw decoding using the GPU, & snes BRR sample decompression
[2019-05-07 08:43:31] <krom> heh!
[2019-05-07 08:43:03] <smf-> sure, red book on n64 is hard :D
[2019-05-07 08:42:33] <krom> well I can track on SPU so that would be easiest, but I am making a n64 mod player atm lol
[2019-05-07 08:42:00] <krom> smf-: thanks so much!
[2019-05-07 08:32:50] <smf-> bonus points if you compress the samples at run time, so the mod can be ripped from the demo again :D
[2019-05-07 08:31:12] <smf-> using the original mod and a modplayer is obviously coolest
[2019-05-07 08:28:00] <smf->
[2019-05-07 08:25:37] <smf-> you can either grab a mod player or convert it to red book or xa
[2019-05-07 08:25:06] <smf-> they ripped it from amiga ;p
[2019-05-07 08:24:46] <smf-> krom, here you go...
[2019-05-07 08:23:37] <smf-> seems like a soundtracker mod
[2019-05-07 08:22:20] <smf-> needs a tune now ;) <-- what tune did the original use?
[2019-05-07 03:54:23] <zid`> diesel power
[2019-05-07 03:53:42] <krom> or "Breathe" can't decide!
[2019-05-07 03:52:27] <krom> * Poison
[2019-05-07 03:51:50] <krom> my fave is "Poisen" lol
[2019-05-07 03:47:42] <ARM9> firestarter
[2019-05-07 03:36:27] <krom> that tune would actually go well with it!
[2019-05-07 03:35:29] <krom> lol!
[2019-05-07 03:35:24] <zid`> smack my bitch up
[2019-05-07 03:34:28] <krom> needs a tune now ;)
[2019-05-07 03:33:06] <krom> added double buffer to my PSX NICCC demo:
[2019-05-07 00:31:37] <krom> it runs on N64 HW, & latest cen64
[2019-05-07 00:30:38] <krom> screenshot:
[2019-05-07 00:30:17] <krom> I fixed my N64 NICCC demo to have no screen tearing with double buffer, & made a cutom N64 256x200 screen mode here:
[2019-05-07 00:29:20] <krom> gonna watch GOT episode, then try to double buffer my PSX NICCC demo to fix screen tearing =D
[2019-05-07 00:18:45] <krom> thanks for all the info, def need to upgrade my gcc...
[2019-05-07 00:18:14] <krom> yep it did not make sense
[2019-05-07 00:18:07] <krom> heh!
[2019-05-07 00:18:03] <zid`> somewhere stupid
[2019-05-07 00:18:00] <krom> cool, yep dunno where I read that lol!
[2019-05-07 00:17:49] <zid`> they're not going to ditch ppc lol
[2019-05-07 00:17:41] <krom> also I seem to remember them saying they would ditch PPC, has this happened yet in 9,x?
[2019-05-07 00:17:29] <zid`> nobody gives a flying banana :p
[2019-05-07 00:17:21] <zid`> and is apparently, completely unmaintained
[2019-05-07 00:17:15] <krom> cool thanks for the info
[2019-05-07 00:17:04] <zid`> yes
[2019-05-07 00:16:32] <krom> was the cell broadband engine the cpu used in PS3?
[2019-05-07 00:16:14] <krom> ah thanks!
[2019-05-07 00:13:32] <zid`> you had quit for a minute or two :P
[2019-05-07 00:13:32] <zid`> [10:48] doesn't matter if it pays attention to mips or not, 99% of the gain in a compiler is in the IR stage <-- I'm not sure I agree, 68000 code generation seems to have gotten steadily worse with gcc over the years
[2019-05-07 00:13:32] <zid`> [10:52] they are ditching cell broadband engine in the next version of gcc
[2019-05-07 00:13:24] <zid`> oh wait no
[2019-05-07 00:13:16] <zid`> krom: no, you were here..
[2019-05-07 00:11:10] <krom> zid`: oh what did I miss? something about gcc?
[2019-05-07 00:00:38] <zid`> The theory is sound though, as long as it knows how to emit for the cpu, 99% of the gain is in the IR stage
[2019-05-06 23:59:35] <zid`> if it's picking the wrong instructions now, it's because they were always weighted wrong or whwatever, gcc is just now better at picking those bad weights :P
[2019-05-06 23:59:13] <zid`> smf-: if they genuinely haven't also just ben messing with 68k that strikes as a bug in how they specified the cpu then
[2019-05-06 19:52:50] <smf-> they are ditching cell broadband engine in the next version of gcc
[2019-05-06 19:48:41] <smf-> doesn't matter if it pays attention to mips or not, 99% of the gain in a compiler is in the IR stage <-- I'm not sure I agree, 68000 code generation seems to have gotten steadily worse with gcc over the years
[2019-05-06 14:20:53] <senquack> it's true
[2019-05-06 14:18:36] <zid`> I think you misread what I wrote.
[2019-05-06 14:17:23] <senquack> better download
[2019-05-06 14:17:16] <senquack> yeah there's lots of branch prediction on PS1
[2019-05-06 14:16:52] <krom> sweet!
[2019-05-06 14:16:28] <zid`> especially something like mips without complicated branch prediction and cache
[2019-05-06 14:16:16] <zid`> not the emitter stage
[2019-05-06 14:16:14] <zid`> doesn't matter if it pays attention to mips or not, 99% of the gain in a compiler is in the IR stage
[2019-05-06 14:16:02] <senquack> bulllllllshhhhhhiuiiiiiiit
[2019-05-06 14:15:55] <senquack> yeah right, like it pays any attention to MIPS
[2019-05-06 14:15:53] <krom> zid`: wow nice, thanks for the info!
[2019-05-06 14:15:32] <zid`> yea, it optimizes switches more nicely, couple of new warnings
[2019-05-06 14:15:30] <krom> I'll have to check that out & upgrade...
[2019-05-06 14:15:21] <senquack> krom, your binary still worked
[2019-05-06 14:15:14] <krom> oh is GCC 9.x out!
[2019-05-06 14:14:58] <zid`> I have a gcc 9.1 mipsel installed and I'm not afraid to use it
[2019-05-06 14:14:43] <krom> gcc is def my fave compiler
[2019-05-06 14:14:32] <zid`> gcc for life
[2019-05-06 14:14:31] <zid`> I use a compiler from 20 minutes ago
[2019-05-06 14:14:29] <senquack> and it still worked :D
[2019-05-06 14:14:11] <krom> no, that is why I use pure asm!
[2019-05-06 14:14:04] <senquack> muhahhaa
[2019-05-06 14:13:54] <senquack> do you trust a compiler from 20 years ago?


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