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[2019-01-23 04:50:46] <bobchomp> just need a psx now :)
[2019-01-23 04:50:33] <bobchomp> i got a serial link cable for ?2 posted a few weeks back from ebay
[2019-01-23 04:32:44] <smf->
[2019-01-23 04:31:48] <smf-> there is also xlinkusb which converts xplorer to usb.... I plan to get myself one of those at some point
[2019-01-23 04:30:51] <smf-> you'll need to make or buy a ps1 to serial cable
[2019-01-23 04:30:27] <smf-> you can actually go serial with an xplorer, because you can boot the serial software off it as well
[2019-01-23 04:29:50] <smf-> you would download it and burn it, so you'd also need a modchip
[2019-01-23 04:22:58] <Bonnicus> If I went the serial cable route, do you know where I'd find or make a boot disk?
[2019-01-23 04:21:26] <smf-> some people use boot discs and serial cables, but you have to wait for the ps1 to boot
[2019-01-23 04:21:02] <smf-> Bonnicus, in the setup I described then caetla appears when you turn on the playstation
[2019-01-23 03:56:05] <Bonnicus> But once you have that link, what then? Would you just turn the console on and use a tool to upload the program, or do you need a special disk to get it to communicate?
[2019-01-23 03:51:37] <smf-> Bonnicus, I use an xplorer fx cart flashed with caetla and a parallel cable to an old pc
[2019-01-23 03:49:09] <Bonnicus> Hello all. I'm quite new to the psxdev scene. I think I get the gist of how to build a program for the console, but how do you actually get the psx to communicate with a PC and load a program?
[2019-01-23 03:48:31] <smf-> "
[2019-01-23 03:48:30] <smf-> "NVIDIA? GeForce RTXTM delivers the ultimate PC gaming experience. Powered by the new NVIDIA Turing" GPU architecture and the revolutionary RTX platform, RTX graphics cards and laptops bring together real-time ray tracing, artificial intelligence, and programmable shading. This is a whole new way to experience games.
[2019-01-23 03:48:15] <krom> oh I'll have to look that up!
[2019-01-23 03:47:53] <smf-> geforce rtx
[2019-01-23 03:46:56] <krom> raytracing gpus?
[2019-01-23 03:46:45] <smf-> but maybe they'll end up really expensive
[2019-01-23 03:46:34] <smf-> but I'll keep an eye out because those new raytracing gpus look pretty interesting
[2019-01-23 03:46:12] <smf-> the new model looks like a better deal, but it's not available here yet.. so even if I wanted to ditch this one and order a new one then it's going to be a while
[2019-01-23 03:45:39] <krom> sweet
[2019-01-23 03:45:30] <smf-> krom, yeah, a dell g5 i7
[2019-01-23 03:44:55] <krom> smf-: cool you got a new laptop =D
[2019-01-23 03:44:25] <krom> oh & I have Joystick input working too of course ;)
[2019-01-23 03:44:20] <smf-> krom, not been up to much cool for a while. my laptop died at the end of october and I only got setup with a new one a couple of weeks ago... of course just in time for the new gpu announcements at ces
[2019-01-23 03:43:19] <krom> smf-: what have you been upto? anything cool! Happy new year btw ;)
[2019-01-23 03:42:37] <krom> *VBlank & Timer Interrupts working
[2019-01-23 03:42:18] <krom> I have VBlank & Interrupts working too, so I do want to try mode 7 style effects, like you can see in Neo Turf Masters
[2019-01-23 03:41:42] <krom> I have tested a small 16x16 sprite, larger chained sprites (128x128 can go higher), & I have tried out vertical/horizontal scaling
[2019-01-23 03:40:14] <krom> I have a simple helloworld text printing demo, which uses the in built MVS font
[2019-01-23 03:39:35] <krom> I'm currently adding the m64k arch to bass so I can use it's z80 asm for sound, & not use pirate tools
[2019-01-23 03:39:05] <krom> using puzzledp rom in mame as a doner cart to test my new program / tile data
[2019-01-23 03:38:12] <krom> using psyq asm68k atm, & other tools
[2019-01-23 03:37:52] <krom> smf-: well I am testing out all the gfx hw capabilities
[2019-01-23 03:33:06] <smf-> krom, what are you doing on neogeo? It always looks like one of those systems where you have to put a lot of work in to get even reasonable results (like saturn)
[2019-01-23 03:29:57] <MockyLock> AES would be great
[2019-01-23 03:29:20] <MockyLock>
[2019-01-23 03:27:12] <krom> I am lucky to have both lol
[2019-01-23 03:26:36] <krom> AES or MVS?
[2019-01-23 03:26:21] <MockyLock> once i'll be a old, i'll hacve a Neogeo
[2019-01-23 03:26:15] <krom> yep =D
[2019-01-23 03:26:05] <MockyLock> aerf
[2019-01-23 03:26:03] <MockyLock> neogeo ?
[2019-01-23 03:25:37] <krom> smf-: sorry I have not been doing much psx dev lately, I have been doing n64 & neogeo stuff atm
[2019-01-23 00:34:16] <MockyLock> i join, ask nothing, and stay here forever :D
[2019-01-23 00:34:05] <MockyLock> actually i'm the opposite of the people you're describing
[2019-01-23 00:33:18] <MockyLock> mainly because i don't have knowledge to make it active :)
[2019-01-23 00:33:04] <MockyLock> oh i don't complain
[2019-01-23 00:31:15] <smf-> it's not very active, but it doesn't become active because people join, ask a question and then leave pretty much straight away
[2019-01-23 00:14:19] <MockyLock> but it's true that it's not very active
[2019-01-23 00:14:04] <MockyLock> i came here when i was looking after the PSIO
[2019-01-23 00:13:17] <MockyLock> hmm
[2019-01-23 00:12:15] <krom> MockyLock: dunno!
[2019-01-22 20:32:53] <MockyLock> is there any switch chan ?
[2019-01-22 20:10:13] <greaser|q> gbdev, n64dev and nesdev are all pretty active here
[2019-01-22 20:09:36] <greaser|q> the usual psx channel seems to be psxugnd on freenode these days
[2019-01-22 16:19:03] <krom> yep discord is becoming popular, dunno about any definitive list of channels
[2019-01-22 14:22:19] <pinchy> is discord among homebrew devers propular?
[2019-01-22 14:22:04] <pinchy> whats the authoritative list of console dev channels?
[2019-01-22 14:07:26] <krom> lol!
[2019-01-22 14:03:05] <pinchy> best hover hands
[2019-01-19 07:33:50] <Cummy> hoho.
[2019-01-19 07:03:32] <Hannon> haha.
[2019-01-19 07:03:28] <Hannon> it's me itoikenza
[2019-01-19 07:03:17] <Hannon> Danetta...
[2019-01-18 10:08:05] <ChrisYoyo> hi
[2019-01-11 05:52:29] <Superstar> could be. i heard that oil spill a few years back could cause trouble down the line
[2019-01-11 05:50:37] <Tills> :O
[2019-01-11 05:50:31] <Tills> :
[2019-01-11 05:50:31] <Tills> O
[2019-01-11 05:50:06] <Superstar> cancer?
[2019-01-11 05:50:03] <Superstar> pinchy has been idle 16hrs 5mins 17secs
[2019-01-11 05:49:54] <Superstar> i dunno
[2019-01-11 05:49:45] <Tills> wtf man
[2019-01-11 05:49:43] <Tills> PINCHY
[2019-01-10 13:44:43] <pinchy> so handsome!
[2019-01-10 13:38:55] <Superstar> proof here:
[2019-01-10 13:35:41] <Superstar> This man is disgusting. Ignore the lobster.
[2019-01-10 13:33:33] <pinchy> Superstar recommmends net yaroze
[2019-01-10 07:51:09] <wwinter> Any recommendations?
[2019-01-10 07:50:54] <wwinter> I have a project I want to have a go at, but I'm having a bit of trouble working out which sort of connector to source for the PIO port.
[2019-01-10 07:50:34] <wwinter> Anyone have any experience building any expansion rom cards?
[2019-01-10 07:50:12] <wwinter> Hey how's it going?
[2019-01-08 13:14:07] <Superstar> thanks
[2019-01-08 13:05:49] <pinchy> and Mrs Danetta
[2019-01-08 13:02:38] <pinchy> MR DanDan
[2018-12-26 15:48:40] <Superstar> i know nothing
[2018-12-26 07:22:59] <tvtoon> Good day, anybody with knowledge about IRQs on GTE? :)
[2018-12-24 23:45:11] <lowbyte> although this doesn't help with your answer, you could PAL patch NTSC games, and on the fats people used to do color mods (a wire or two)
[2018-12-24 23:06:10] <kenny_ken> the fat psx got an unknown chip installed, the psone got a arduino PSNEE installed
[2018-12-24 23:04:10] <kenny_ken> When I popped in the same game in my chipped psone, also PAL, also composite, I got a color signal. I don't know why...? Is this due to a different chip which forces PAL output or something?
[2018-12-24 23:03:23] <kenny_ken> got a question - I recently tried to play a NTSC copy of Tomb Raider 3 on my chipped PSX, unknown SCPH number (probably 5xxx or 7xxx). Since I'm in a PAL region and only have a cheap composite cable, the picture was black and white.
[2018-12-24 23:02:14] <kenny_ken> hi folks \o
[2018-12-18 17:19:48] <ord> hello
[2018-12-15 10:40:35] <Ian`> A fasAVnatVna bloa wh5re frqenod5Utaff meberMatthqwst TroYt rec?YntU?his ex?eriqRces ?f/ey5-rapVngCo*Ra}?i|~rqn https:/Matt?roYt.c m/
[2018-12-15 10:40:31] <Ian`>
[2018-12-15 10:40:27] <Ian`> I
[2018-12-15 10:40:23] <Ian`>
[2018-12-15 10:40:18] <Ian`>


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