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[2017-12-11 01:20:30] <admin> Hello World
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What is and how do I join the PSXDEV IRC channel?

[2020-05-23 01:04:57] <NRGDEAD> Hi.
[2020-05-22 23:46:15] <NDR008> hi
[2020-05-22 23:41:36] <edgbla> hi
[2020-05-22 21:35:24] <NDR008> hi everyone - it was almost impossible to connect to efnet sever
[2020-05-22 21:35:08] <NDR008> finally made it! :D
[2020-05-17 02:21:16] <wyatt8740> they're tiny.
[2020-05-17 02:21:14] <wyatt8740> I do have like five more ATTiny's that I could try if it absolutely comes down to that. If I can find the things.
[2020-05-17 02:15:41] <wyatt8740> Also I did program the chip to just send the SCEA code, not all three.
[2020-05-17 02:14:08] <wyatt8740> all three boot the game, but the '85 doesn't seem to be working quite right because it takes a little longer to boot the -9001 and it also gives the 'illegal copy' screen or whatever it was.
[2020-05-17 02:12:22] <wyatt8740> also the ATTiny85 is inside a SCPH-9001 (PU-23); the full boards are in a -5501 (PU-18) and a -1001 (PU-8, old GPU with dual ported VRAM).
[2020-05-17 02:11:31] <wyatt8740> btw, by full size boards I mean one's a full arduino uno (atmega328p) shoved into a PSX and the other is a pro micro (atmega32u4)
[2020-05-17 02:10:10] <wyatt8740> I'm just sort of assuming because I remember the datasheets said there was a rather wide tolerance on the internal clock for these things
[2020-05-17 02:09:34] <wyatt8740> *PSNee's are working in my two systems where I used full size boards, and an ATTiny is getting me through the initial mechacon check but failing later in Spyro 3, would that be considered a timing bug most likely?
[2020-05-17 02:08:53] <wyatt8740> if my PSNee
[2020-05-11 06:10:01] <wolf^AC> psy-q is religion.
[2020-05-07 17:27:17] <n00b> thanks TAL!
[2020-05-07 17:21:29] <TAL> n00b: should be the same
[2020-05-07 13:23:06] <n00b> hey, does anyone have a copy of the MIPS Instruction Set pdf? the download link on the website is broken
[2020-05-01 14:28:21] <krom> no probs, I hope you can do it =D
[2020-05-01 14:28:12] <n00b> thanks a lot for your time anyways :)
[2020-05-01 14:27:39] <krom> but yep do not know howto do it on linux myself, good luck!
[2020-05-01 14:27:21] <krom> yep that sounds good, also on windows I use a util called psx_cd-gen
[2020-05-01 14:26:39] <n00b> I have found this which I'm gonna test now, it seems to be designed specifically for playstation games, so that might work, fingers crossed
[2020-05-01 14:26:05] <n00b> yeah :-/
[2020-05-01 14:25:56] <krom> ah o.k, I got confused, I thought you could not get the actual files inside, creating a new PS1 iso from files is a whole new keetle of fish!
[2020-05-01 14:25:08] <n00b> yes, I can extract the files from an ISO but I can't recreate a valid ISO, even if I just extract it and repack it, there might perhaps something specific to the way data is stored in a psx iso
[2020-05-01 14:24:41] <krom>
[2020-05-01 14:23:45] <krom> DAO, did you try that?
[2020-05-01 14:23:36] <krom> there is also a Disc at once way of making PS1 iso files on linux too
[2020-05-01 14:23:13] <krom> & what about mounting & extracting files? did you try that?
[2020-05-01 14:22:37] <n00b> I sort of already tried bchunk and it didn't work as I mentioned earlier, but thanks anyways
[2020-05-01 14:22:27] <krom> I hope that helps!
[2020-05-01 14:22:00] <krom> and mounting help here:
[2020-05-01 14:20:58] <krom> it looks like you should be able to mount a PS1 CD bin file & read the files in linux... maybe you did not convert it properly or mount it correctly? looking at this help:
[2020-05-01 14:09:39] <n00b> sure thing
[2020-05-01 14:09:32] <krom> I'll see if I can help unpacking files on linux for you, gimme a mo...
[2020-05-01 14:08:51] <krom> but tis cool you went the hardcore bin edit way 1st, so def seems like you know how todo stuff!
[2020-05-01 14:08:46] <n00b> yeah haha can you perhaps point me to some resources about the ps1 filesystem?
[2020-05-01 14:08:28] <krom> yep you prob def want to unpack the filesystem & get your hands more dirty!
[2020-05-01 14:08:07] <krom> ah yes classic!
[2020-05-01 14:07:53] <n00b> I've been trying to modify a game, so far I've been doing this by literally writing raw bytes into the .bin file but as you can expect this is far from optimal and plenty of things are much harder than they should be, haha
[2020-05-01 14:06:39] <krom> there should be a way for linux to spit out the files from a PS1 iso too
[2020-05-01 14:05:55] <krom> e.g if you edit an uncompressed texture, that should pack back in fine, but if you are translating a game, maybe the text might not fit depending on stuff
[2020-05-01 14:04:54] <krom> packing it back in could be hard, it all depends on what you are doing
[2020-05-01 14:04:28] <krom> also there are some specific utils for ripping GFX/Sound data etc.
[2020-05-01 14:04:13] <krom> you will need to learn about PS1 filesystem to be able todo stuff like that, there are some utils, mainly for windows which can do this stuff for you, best to check romhacking website PS1 utils
[2020-05-01 14:03:49] <n00b> sorry if it's a weird question or whatever lol
[2020-05-01 14:03:20] <n00b> so perhaps more broadly what I'm asking is how does the file format for the playstation bin files work? it's not just raw a binary fle, there's clearly a filesystem and it's not just a bunch of binary files linked together (such as with ld)
[2020-05-01 14:01:14] <n00b> I tried binchunk to convert it to iso which can easily be mounted on linux, but the generated iso file comes out invalid, can't be mounted and even just running it on a playstation emulator results in a crash
[2020-05-01 13:59:57] <n00b> how can I unpack a ps1 game's bin files into a folder to possibly edit some files and repack it into a bin file?
[2020-05-01 13:58:24] <krom> ask away!
[2020-05-01 13:57:37] <n00b> hey, sorry to bother you guys I have a quick question and I thought that you guys would be the best people to ask this
[2020-04-29 18:09:39] <krom> gonna try LZ77 decompression direct to VRAM next (but it will be way harder)
[2020-04-29 18:09:10] <krom> just made a Huffman compression demo, which decompresses directly to VRAM:
[2020-04-29 02:48:09] <krom> =D
[2020-04-29 01:44:26] <edgbla> krom, nice!
[2020-04-29 01:40:40] <pinchy> impressive
[2020-04-28 15:33:18] <krom> here is a video of progess:
[2020-04-28 15:32:53] <krom> so like an N64 Zelda port to PS1
[2020-04-28 15:32:36] <krom> Arthur is the person doing that amazing 3D engine on PS1 that uses N64 Zelda GFX
[2020-04-28 15:32:05] <krom> not a C implemenation lol!
[2020-04-28 15:31:52] <krom> I should have said it is a C program linking my asm opcodes
[2020-04-28 15:31:11] <krom> decodes LZSS/LZ77 data mega fast!
[2020-04-28 15:30:51] <krom> but it is very fast!
[2020-04-28 15:30:43] <krom> it is the same assembly as mine, so same speed!
[2020-04-28 15:11:00] <edgbla> krom, how much faster?
[2020-04-28 11:34:39] <krom> a link to a C implementation of my PS1 LZ77 routine by Arthur:
[2020-04-19 09:55:39] <krom> heh!
[2020-04-19 09:41:00] <asie> it's still more useful than the playstation classic
[2020-04-19 09:40:54] <asie> and yet
[2020-04-19 09:32:59] <satoshi> i thought it was a full ps1 kit
[2020-04-19 09:32:50] <satoshi> for a second
[2020-04-19 07:43:29] <krom>
[2020-04-17 07:36:23] <Loke> there
[2020-04-17 07:36:21] <Loke> hi
[2020-04-15 18:14:44] <lk> :/
[2020-04-15 18:14:42] <lk> sry guys
[2020-04-15 18:14:40] <lk> my bad
[2020-04-15 18:14:39] <lk> oh sry ps1 channel
[2020-04-15 18:14:03] <lk> xmb says it is 3.55 but in maintenance menu it says it must be atleast 4.55 or newer
[2020-04-15 18:13:40] <lk> im having 3.55firmware in my ps3 and im trying to softmod it
[2020-04-15 18:13:18] <lk> m looking for help
[2020-04-15 18:13:15] <lk> hi guys.. i
[2020-04-12 00:59:16] <ChemicalB> howdy
[2020-04-10 13:01:07] <krom> It decodes a 640x480 interlaced picture to RAM & copies it to VRAM
[2020-04-10 12:59:57] <krom> I just added PS1 Huffman & LZ77/LZSS compression assembly demos to my github:
[2020-03-10 11:20:14] <krom> gnight!
[2020-03-10 11:03:00] <NRGDEAD> Nighty night.
[2020-03-10 11:02:55] <NRGDEAD> I'll go to sleep now; but I'm here via ZNC, so I can read any answers later. Unless there's more than 50. ;-)
[2020-03-10 10:50:03] <NRGDEAD> So Shadow is Matt? The guy doing the PSIO?
[2020-03-10 10:48:21] <NRGDEAD> But there's some activity occasionally?
[2020-03-10 10:48:04] <NRGDEAD> Nice.
[2020-03-10 10:48:01] <NRGDEAD> :-D
[2020-03-10 10:46:51] <krom> also lost ops here so no one has changed topic for years lol
[2020-03-10 10:46:28] <krom> have not seen shadow for ages
[2020-03-10 10:22:45] <NRGDEAD> Just curious.
[2020-03-10 10:22:39] <NRGDEAD> "Topic set by shadow_" - is he here occasionally?
[2020-03-10 09:56:56] <NRGDEAD> Hi.
[2020-03-01 11:03:28] <thelord> maybe, I have nevever been interested in gaming personally, only in hacking
[2020-03-01 11:02:31] <kniffy> maybe one day, if i make friends with game dev people and start a project :D


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