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[2017-10-08 22:29:30] <lowbyte> hmm, got it working, it was totally the SD card.
[2017-10-08 06:58:10] <lowbyte> anybody with a PS-IO? trying to establish if the LED should turn on when the cart is plugged in, even if your SDCard is formatted incorrectly (or not inserted). i see no light, the parallel port works fine with my Action Replay and the PSX still boots originals since the switchboard was installed.
[2017-10-08 06:36:20] <mistam> cheers awl !!!
[2017-10-08 06:36:15] <mistam> yey idling too bad I've only got shit chatzilla else I'd join the party
[2017-10-08 05:11:32] <mistamont> why is metal gear integral so broken over unirom ? what's the caetla thing anywho ?
[2017-10-08 05:10:03] <Home> yello
[2017-10-05 11:18:41] <lee_> I guess I will have to get my hands dirty :)
[2017-10-05 11:18:24] <lee_> Someone did post a proof of concept like 2 years ago or something
[2017-10-05 11:18:10] <lee_> Yes
[2017-10-05 11:12:42] <chek> does it support the arch
[2017-10-05 11:12:29] <chek> rust on ps1 that's an interesting idea
[2017-10-05 02:14:34] <lee_> Hey
[2017-10-05 02:07:04] <X-Scale> hi lee_
[2017-10-05 02:01:41] <lee_> Anyone doing Rust + psxdev?
[2017-10-04 11:15:51] <lee_> I guess this is a #ps2dev question :)
[2017-10-04 10:20:46] <lee_> Would it be somewhat trivial to patch POPS to fix this?
[2017-10-04 10:20:31] <lee_> But there are several menus that cause the output to go back to below 480p
[2017-10-04 10:20:16] <lee_> So, in cheats.txt, I put $480p to have it output to 480p...great!
[2017-10-04 10:19:58] <lee_> So I'm playing Silent Hill with OPL, on my HDTV. Of course, it cannot display below 480p over component.
[2017-10-04 10:19:32] <lee_> Ayyyy
[2017-09-24 21:45:30] <lowbyte> is*
[2017-09-24 21:45:26] <lowbyte> ps there an RF test point for the laser on the PU-22 board? (or a resource to find various useful points on the board)?
[2017-09-18 00:21:02] <krom> lol!
[2017-09-18 00:20:01] <OzOnE2k17> That's the miniature rounded squashed alien PS1. :p
[2017-09-18 00:19:45] <OzOnE2k17> Noooo! lol
[2017-09-18 00:18:25] <paulmz> Ps1 isn't even called Ps1, its called PsOne :P
[2017-09-18 00:17:21] <OzOnE2k17>
[2017-09-18 00:17:20] <OzOnE2k17> That's one excuse, at least.
[2017-09-18 00:17:12] <OzOnE2k17> Yep, but they at least had a bit of an excuse, because most older software would just check for the string "Windows 9" to detect 95 and 98. lol
[2017-09-18 00:16:57] <krom> more money than sense!


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