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[2019-07-18 17:22:11] <chek> is that real or is that the "ps1 classic"
[2019-07-18 17:20:00] <ppan> btw Best Buy is selling the original PS1 for $20 temporarily
[2019-07-18 17:19:39] <ppan> i believe there is a way around that
[2019-07-18 15:05:39] <LilUFO> they don't seem to to read the CD-Rs well
[2019-07-18 15:05:20] <LilUFO> have had trouble finding a PS1 that can play burnt disks
[2019-07-18 15:05:02] <LilUFO> sup
[2019-07-17 07:37:20] <ppan> has anyone here played Castlevania?
[2019-07-15 10:10:52] <chek> working on some emulator-related stuff
[2019-07-15 10:10:42] <chek> not much
[2019-07-15 08:39:52] <ppan> what's developing folks
[2019-07-15 07:58:04] <ppan> hrm
[2019-07-08 06:48:47] <mr_lou> And also PS3... although controls aren't as good as on PS4.
[2019-07-08 06:48:10] <mr_lou> Runs on PS4
[2019-07-08 06:44:34] <mr_lou> :-)
[2019-07-08 06:42:18] <ppan_> sick
[2019-07-08 06:36:55] <pinchy> pew pew
[2019-07-08 04:56:55] <mr_lou> Small WIP video of my current game project:
[2019-07-01 15:20:57] <ppan> damn fuq, I'm about to give up
[2019-06-27 20:48:53] <LilUFO> although that might only be possible with a disk tray "open" message
[2019-06-27 20:48:17] <LilUFO> there ought to be some program out there I can run that forces toc reread
[2019-06-27 20:48:03] <LilUFO> :P
[2019-06-27 20:47:56] <zid`> altenratively you could crack all your games by hand so they re-read the toc I guess?:P
[2019-06-27 20:45:49] <LilUFO> yeah
[2019-06-27 20:45:44] <zid`> chipping the psx seems easier :P
[2019-06-27 20:45:41] <LilUFO> that's just tricky to swap within the first second
[2019-06-27 20:45:24] <LilUFO> they might be right though
[2019-06-27 20:45:05] <LilUFO> yeah
[2019-06-27 20:45:02] <zid`> type 2 harder
[2019-06-27 20:44:58] <LilUFO> I've only ever seen it from that one guy
[2019-06-27 20:44:45] <zid`> but there is a method that swaps before the toc too here
[2019-06-27 20:44:14] <zid`> people are suggesting using games with a larger TOC than the swapped in disc
[2019-06-27 20:44:00] <zid`> looking it up now, seems it uses the original TOC
[2019-06-27 20:43:54] <zid`> ah yes
[2019-06-27 20:43:10] <LilUFO> nah, this seems to be a common issue with the method
[2019-06-27 20:42:52] <LilUFO> so when it goes to play CD audio tracks, the offsets are all screwed up
[2019-06-27 20:42:48] <zid`> did you swap it late then?
[2019-06-27 20:42:37] <LilUFO> zid`, oh it definitely works, but my 1001 seems to take the TOC from the authentic disk
[2019-06-27 20:34:58] <zid`> No idea what the timing is, but it definitely worked
[2019-06-27 20:34:32] <zid`> disc swapping on the original bios was a thing
[2019-06-27 20:32:50] <LilUFO> there's some guy on the forums who talks about doing it like, within 1 second of boot after the region code is read
[2019-06-27 20:31:51] <LilUFO> I always end up with bad offsets for redbook tracks
[2019-06-27 20:31:36] <LilUFO> is there any way to get the CD-R TOC read when disk swapping?
[2019-06-27 20:30:53] <LilUFO> no I promise :P
[2019-06-27 20:30:49] <zid`> no but I am
[2019-06-27 20:30:43] <mr_lou> Are you following me? :->
[2019-06-27 20:30:37] <mr_lou> Hey LilUFO
[2019-06-27 20:29:57] <LilUFO> oh lol mr_lou :P
[2019-06-27 20:29:41] <LilUFO> hello
[2019-06-25 13:39:33] <ppan> anyone use kodegarden?
[2019-06-25 04:47:04] <mr_lou> Thanks
[2019-06-25 04:44:20] <ppan> That looks pretty dope @ mr_lou
[2019-06-24 18:34:51] <mr_lou> My little project.
[2019-06-24 18:33:19] <mr_lou>
[2019-06-24 09:15:57] <zid> now how the hell do I resinstall my mipsel-gcc..
[2019-06-24 09:15:40] <krom> ah cool info
[2019-06-24 09:15:31] <zid> rather than the stupid OpenFile thing which definitely doesn't work
[2019-06-24 09:15:23] <zid> sector number of file
[2019-06-24 09:15:07] <krom> zid what is A(A4)?
[2019-06-24 09:09:44] <zid> why did nobody tell me about A(A4)
[2019-06-23 10:41:24] <krom> thanks for the info
[2019-06-23 10:40:51] <krom> greaser|q: oh weird I thought it def did some nice geometry streaming stuff!
[2019-06-23 10:24:53] <greaser|q> [09:44:15] oh was crash the 1st game to stream in data like that, for some reason I thought the 1st was Gran turismo <-- only thing GT1 streams during gameplay is XA-ADPCM audio
[2019-06-22 08:08:21] <ppan> has anyone tried out sn-dbs? is it a big difference for turn around time?
[2019-06-22 07:51:49] <ppan> when graphics started getting better
[2019-06-22 07:51:31] <ppan> hah crash was great
[2019-06-22 07:44:19] <krom> oh was crash the 1st game to stream in data like that, for some reason I thought the 1st was Gran turismo
[2019-06-22 07:43:06] <zid> streamed the geometry in because the camera was on rails
[2019-06-22 07:42:56] <zid> cool game and cool tech
[2019-06-22 07:42:53] <zid> how dare you not mention crash bandicoot
[2019-06-22 07:40:34] <krom> I do like Tombraider games though
[2019-06-22 07:40:21] <krom> tekken 2 is ace, &FF7
[2019-06-22 07:28:21] <ppan> people still use wmake??
[2019-06-22 07:27:18] <ppan> I prefered ff6 and fighting games like Tekken
[2019-06-22 07:25:49] <ppan> I never got into Tomb Raider
[2019-06-22 05:57:25] <zid> that sounds like an internal error from the dynarec
[2019-06-22 05:56:23] <krom> no I do not :( I code on the PS1 in pure assembly myself, hopefully someone in here can help you out
[2019-06-22 05:53:58] <Cer> Do you know what this error - recompiled block too large means ?
[2019-06-22 05:53:35] <Cer> thx
[2019-06-22 05:53:29] <krom> pretty cool, good luck ;)
[2019-06-22 05:53:21] <krom> ah o.k!
[2019-06-22 05:53:16] <Cer> It's not public
[2019-06-22 05:53:13] <Cer> Nope
[2019-06-22 05:53:06] <krom> oh was the source code to TR3 leaked?
[2019-06-22 05:51:46] <Cer> in epsxe emulator
[2019-06-22 05:51:36] <Cer> I compiled game using wmake, but when I try load main.exe it shows error - recompiled block too large
[2019-06-22 05:51:24] <chek> wow
[2019-06-22 05:51:07] <Cer> I am trying compile one old game - Tomb Raider 3
[2019-06-22 05:51:00] <Cer> LOL
[2019-06-22 05:42:25] <zid> do they not have compilers in slovakia
[2019-06-22 05:42:03] <ARM9> what kind of game
[2019-06-22 05:41:03] <Cer> Is someone here ?
[2019-06-22 05:14:38] <ppan> I'm looking forward to it
[2019-06-22 05:14:31] <ppan> what do all of you think about the new Sonic game coming out?
[2019-06-22 01:05:37] <Cer> Hello. I need compile one PSX game, could you help me ?
[2019-06-20 04:16:06] <Mysterion> Thank you!
[2019-06-20 04:12:40] <zid> and replace the 'read a 7 from ram' with a 'move a 7 into register directly' or whatever
[2019-06-20 04:12:24] <zid> if it's changing a certain ram address, then use a debugger to find the code that normally reads that ram
[2019-06-20 04:12:03] <zid> just figure out what the code does
[2019-06-20 04:11:39] <Mysterion> I can't seem to find anything on this anywhere.
[2019-06-20 04:11:21] <Mysterion> Are there any guides out there for applying anti-protection action replay codes to the disc image itself so they are always working without needing a cheat device?


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