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[2018-07-10 10:44:48] <krom> lol!
[2018-07-10 10:33:27] <pinchy> omg its a di0de attack
[2018-07-10 10:06:24] <krom> di0de: I took your base!
[2018-07-10 10:05:38] <krom> oh this old chestnut!
[2018-07-10 10:05:38] <di0de>
[2018-07-10 10:05:32] <di0de> ,
[2018-07-10 10:05:31] <di0de>
[2018-07-10 10:05:26] <di0de> ,
[2018-07-10 10:05:25] <di0de>
[2018-07-10 10:05:25] <di0de>
[2018-07-10 10:05:25] <di0de> it was twenty thousand, i did take ya base.
[2018-07-10 10:05:15] <di0de>
[2018-07-10 10:05:15] <di0de> ,
[2018-07-03 02:41:28] <mr_lou> New little tune:
[2018-06-28 22:00:44] <mr_lou> L8r
[2018-06-28 22:00:42] <mr_lou> Time to go pick up the daughter from school.
[2018-06-28 21:41:16] <mr_lou> A few games and a rather huge Blu-ray project.
[2018-06-28 21:40:55] <mr_lou> Although I have actually managed to be productive in the past.
[2018-06-28 21:40:09] <mr_lou> I know about being lazy.
[2018-06-28 21:20:46] <itoikenza> replaced with? current rooms track.
[2018-06-28 21:20:24] <itoikenza> removed this from Chrono Cross
[2018-06-28 21:20:08] <itoikenza>
[2018-06-28 21:19:04] <itoikenza> nogale.bin
[2018-06-28 21:18:54] <itoikenza> Danetta, is making my dream hack already... hush, hush...
[2018-06-28 21:18:20] <itoikenza> I'm too lazy.
[2018-06-28 21:18:12] <itoikenza> pfft.
[2018-06-28 21:17:54] <mr_lou> So now you can get started on that PSX game. ;-) Now you know where to find the music for it. ;-)
[2018-06-28 21:16:35] <itoikenza> i like.
[2018-06-28 21:16:31] <itoikenza> i can't rap to it. but...
[2018-06-28 21:16:10] <itoikenza> nice!
[2018-06-28 21:14:02] <mr_lou> Like this:
[2018-06-28 21:14:00] <mr_lou> I make game-music.
[2018-06-28 21:13:39] <itoikenza> aka. good morning. in jp.
[2018-06-28 21:13:20] <itoikenza> ohayoo gozaimasu! mr_lou
[2018-06-28 21:12:53] <itoikenza> ah.
[2018-06-28 21:10:14] <mr_lou> Maybe because I'm more of a musician than a singer?
[2018-06-28 21:09:58] <mr_lou> It doesn't "speak" to me at least.
[2018-06-28 21:09:53] <mr_lou> I guess not.
[2018-06-28 20:54:24] <itoikenza> you not a fan of this genre?!
[2018-06-28 20:53:58] <itoikenza> mr_lou: You? I'll damage, See? Savagely! With the damage seen bashing thee!... cause, soon you'll be... missing me, admit this! Submissively! So... You... i'll ravage, See? Passively, Not so average, See? Adversely... you Valid?! not askin' thee?! Un-average, still average be... 'cause i'll lick ya, hit ya, substantially.
[2018-06-27 18:35:26] <smf-> krom, no problem
[2018-06-27 16:05:32] <krom> smf-: saw that gpu fix made it into latest MAME, thanks so much =D
[2018-06-19 02:40:37] <itoikenza> sorry to flood...
[2018-06-19 02:40:28] <itoikenza> ...
[2018-06-19 02:39:45] <itoikenza> As Kim missteps, this U.S fool, Un is sub-par average! He'll lose! To Trump Racism is paramount... Don't ya think? this phrase shoulda been? "Let's make America racist again!" I'm blunt! It's this bum! Aint nothing to praise! It's dum! Don't run! It's data intensive! Fact's won!
[2018-06-19 02:39:44] <itoikenza> Calling Trump a blessing?! Is like loving a glove in, anal retention! Don't let me fail to mention...
[2018-06-19 02:39:44] <itoikenza> Just grin n' bear it, is my claim in this session...This lesson... outta teach ya to not let em, electoral fools elect em'...
[2018-06-19 02:39:44] <itoikenza> The popular vote should bless em'. This confession, I'm telling... It's too late for Hillary... Trump won...
[2018-06-19 02:39:44] <itoikenza> Just take the crap he's selling! done! Impeaching him is like filling a distillery, easily, swelling. son! An endless line of fools, to take his place. Bear with his tomfoolery... even if it splits your face!
[2018-06-19 02:39:44] <itoikenza> Don't be... fooled by a peaceful Un! He scared of em' supremacists! of whom, Trump is chief! a disgrace!
[2018-06-19 02:39:21] <itoikenza> The Donald, a fool of high proportions. tis to see if you honest. not the slightest bit modest... A demagogue, just don't believe what he promised!
[2018-06-19 02:39:21] <itoikenza> his frequent attacks on illegal immigrants is preposterous, on the verge of the ominous, it's synonymous wit' da' precipitous/hideous... This is serious... injurious even! Tis one of many a grievance, he has no rhyme or reason...
[2018-06-19 02:39:21] <itoikenza> The crime of the season, don't make a shrine to this heathen. Watch the decline of an unseasoned and a demagogue who you shouldn't believe in. Don't be oversold on what cannot be controlled. This presidency ain't a monarchy, be very cautionary, his BS, ain't revolutionary, just a mess, spectacularly!
[2018-06-19 02:39:21] <itoikenza> When's he leaving? this situation i ain't believing, the nation's seizin' Trumponomics only achievement... is to deprive us of our freedom!
[2018-06-19 02:39:05] <itoikenza> hope you not a fan of him.
[2018-06-19 02:38:52] <itoikenza> here's one on Trump...
[2018-06-19 02:38:26] <itoikenza> you're welcome.
[2018-06-19 02:38:17] <itoikenza> haha.
[2018-06-19 02:36:38] <mr_lou> Changed my life.
[2018-06-19 02:33:47] <itoikenza> and hi.
[2018-06-19 02:33:41] <itoikenza> mr_lou: like my latest rhyme?
[2018-06-19 02:33:24] <itoikenza> We're alone together, that fits rightly better, itoikenza's been known to tether, on Wi-Fi, wit' u, You fly! curses, on high, blight the rebel! no! slight the devil, sounds better? this respite, despite whatever! haha, i aim to meddle! used to revel... in it, wit' a mis-used type, ill-hyped weapon! made sense there? I'm not gonna lessen! where's itoi headed! with this ill-type message!?
[2018-06-15 14:21:20] <krom> games on
[2018-06-15 14:21:17] <krom> but PSX is a great system to hack
[2018-06-15 14:21:09] <krom> I mainly hack N64 & SNES roms myself
[2018-06-15 14:21:00] <krom> badcafe: great stuff
[2018-06-15 14:12:43] <badcafe> without being pointed to psy-q i would be so lost still
[2018-06-15 14:12:07] <badcafe> right now i'm more interested in modifying existing games than creating my own from scratch, but there's still a lot to learn from the site
[2018-06-15 14:11:09] <badcafe> haha one would hope so
[2018-06-15 14:06:46] <krom> lol!
[2018-06-15 14:06:28] <krom> always cool if you are interested in PSX development too ;)
[2018-06-15 14:05:51] <krom> no tis fine to say hello on irc
[2018-06-15 14:02:37] <badcafe> how are u? btw im pretty much new to irc so forgive me if im doing anything weird, lol
[2018-06-15 14:00:45] <krom> hi badcafe =D
[2018-06-15 13:58:17] <badcafe> hello!
[2018-06-11 03:09:57] <itoikenza> ya never know! man!
[2018-06-11 03:09:41] <itoikenza> modrobert: be careful.
[2018-06-10 22:15:04] <modrobert> no ops*
[2018-06-10 22:13:56] <modrobert> no bots, this could get interesting ;)
[2018-06-10 01:29:15] <an0de>
[2018-06-10 01:29:14] <an0de> ,
[2018-06-10 01:29:13] <an0de>
[2018-06-10 01:29:11] <an0de> ,
[2018-06-10 01:27:03] <an0de>
[2018-06-10 01:26:49] <an0de> ,
[2018-06-10 01:26:48] <an0de>
[2018-06-10 01:26:42] <an0de> ,
[2018-06-10 01:26:40] <an0de>
[2018-06-10 01:26:40] <an0de>
[2018-06-10 01:26:40] <an0de>
[2018-06-10 01:26:40] <an0de>
[2018-06-10 01:26:32] <an0de> ,
[2018-06-10 01:26:31] <an0de>
[2018-06-10 01:26:31] <an0de>
[2018-06-10 01:26:31] <an0de> it was twenty thousand, i did take ya base.
[2018-06-10 01:26:04] <an0de> ,
[2018-06-10 01:26:03] <an0de>
[2018-06-09 23:46:11] <chek> what even
[2018-06-09 23:37:30] <pinchy> hes back in a different polarity


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