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[2017-12-11 01:20:30] <admin> Hello World
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[2019-12-05 20:53:12] <dickclark> 1996 wasnt that long ago
[2019-11-27 00:16:33] <stealthii> the underside point to solder to chip select (CS by pin 103) according to the PS-IO tutorial has been scratched away, completely. is there another place where I could connect this wire?
[2019-11-27 00:16:03] <stealthii> hi! trying to rescue a PU-22 board from a bad solder job.
[2019-11-19 05:44:22] <mr_lou> :-)
[2019-11-19 05:33:23] <Niko2> never mind, found it
[2019-11-19 05:32:09] <Niko2> Hey, does anyone know where I can find PSXLICENSE.exe?
[2019-11-18 05:13:45] <sikhboxen> go my sites:, u will win, do not hesitate!!!
[2019-11-18 04:33:42] <sikhboxen> go my sites:, u will win, do not hesitate!!!
[2019-11-16 23:31:11] <LilUFO> I can play with the included remote?
[2019-11-16 23:31:04] <LilUFO> cool, will check it out later
[2019-11-16 23:28:36] <mr_lou> And burn the ISO to a blu-ray disc. Play with your remote control.
[2019-11-16 23:28:26] <mr_lou> Then simply download from there:
[2019-11-16 23:28:16] <mr_lou> Nice
[2019-11-16 23:25:37] <LilUFO> I do have a bluray burner
[2019-11-16 23:25:33] <LilUFO> ah ok
[2019-11-16 23:23:35] <mr_lou> So you *could* burn to a DVD.
[2019-11-16 23:23:28] <mr_lou> ...well.... you could also be lucky. Some blu-ray players accept blu-ray content on a DVD. But not many.
[2019-11-16 23:23:09] <mr_lou> You'll need a blu-ray burner.
[2019-11-16 23:22:55] <mr_lou> Download the ISO and burn to a blu-ray disc.
[2019-11-16 23:21:09] <LilUFO> oh cool i have a newer bluray player, how would I go about running this game?
[2019-11-16 23:20:26] <mr_lou> which means PS3 + PS4 too.
[2019-11-16 23:20:19] <mr_lou> So runs on any blu-ray player
[2019-11-16 23:20:06] <mr_lou> Blu-ray Disc Java.
[2019-11-16 23:19:56] <LilUFO> nice
[2019-11-16 23:19:51] <mr_lou> Yes
[2019-11-16 23:19:45] <LilUFO> Java?
[2019-11-16 23:19:42] <LilUFO> ah thats cool mr_lou
[2019-11-16 23:10:24] <mr_lou>
[2019-11-16 20:55:54] <mr_lou> Ah right.
[2019-11-16 20:55:45] <smf-> it might be possible if you have cfw on the ps3
[2019-11-16 20:54:33] <mr_lou> Currently trying to hack a Netgear NeoTV 550 to do it too, without much luck.
[2019-11-16 20:54:13] <mr_lou> I've had my Dune HD Smart D1 for many years. Only found out yesterday that it could do it.
[2019-11-16 20:53:42] <mr_lou> Didn't think so, but you never know.
[2019-11-16 20:53:36] <mr_lou> mkay
[2019-11-16 20:50:41] <smf-> seems like no
[2019-11-16 20:50:35] <smf-> Even when set to [On], a disc will not automatically start in the following situations:
[2019-11-16 20:50:35] <smf-> - When the system is turned on with a disc inserted
[2019-11-16 20:50:33] <smf-> mr_lou,
[2019-11-16 17:48:46] <mr_lou> That is, a PS3 or PS4 of course. Obviously not a PS1. :->
[2019-11-16 17:48:27] <mr_lou> Can a PlayStation be set up to autostart a blu-ray disc on boot?
[2019-10-30 05:37:16] <mr_lou> I did that with Ukko's Journey.
[2019-10-30 05:37:04] <mr_lou> Yea
[2019-10-30 05:37:01] <Xavi92> Oh, you mean user-defined controls
[2019-10-30 05:36:48] <mr_lou> No
[2019-10-30 05:36:09] <Xavi92> So your game must recognize the host platform it's running from, right?
[2019-10-30 05:35:47] <Xavi92> I see
[2019-10-30 05:35:05] <mr_lou> Xavi92, For simple games, you don't need to do anything. But for more complex games you can simply offer a redefine keys options.
[2019-10-30 05:34:23] <mr_lou> Well.... look at the bottom on this page, the last section "Gamepad buttons placement".
[2019-10-30 05:33:37] <mr_lou> Xavi92, Oh... you mean on different consoles?
[2019-10-30 05:28:04] <mr_lou> Only one controller is supported.
[2019-10-30 05:23:34] <Xavi92> mr_lou: looks great! BTW, how do you deal with each controller when BD-J is meant to be portable?
[2019-10-30 05:19:46] <mr_lou>
[2019-10-30 05:19:41] <mr_lou> You just missed a link to a YouTube vid I just uploaded, showing my game.
[2019-10-30 05:19:23] <mr_lou> Hey Xavi92
[2019-10-30 05:12:52] <Xavi92> Hi there :)
[2019-10-28 07:26:55] <Srkoper> hello
[2019-10-25 22:08:42] <krom> great MAME emulates that!
[2019-10-25 22:08:27] <krom> smf-: cool info!
[2019-10-25 20:13:43] <smf-> mame emulates that, no idea about no$
[2019-10-25 20:12:47] <smf-> so if you keep running lwl/lwr instructions, the register won't change until an interrupt occurs
[2019-10-25 20:11:58] <smf-> however it's available for a following lwl/lwr to merge into & it also cancels the register being updated
[2019-10-25 20:11:17] <smf-> they both have a load delay slot, so the register isn't available in the next instruction
[2019-10-25 20:10:22] <smf-> lwl/lwr is really fun
[2019-10-25 16:22:15] <krom> passes on MAME/NO$PSX
[2019-10-25 16:22:04] <krom> PS1 SWL/SWR unaligned demo is up:
[2019-10-25 13:43:51] <krom> next up is SWL/SWR unaligned tests...
[2019-10-25 13:43:21] <krom> passes on MAME & NO$PSX
[2019-10-25 13:43:05] <krom> uploaded my LWL/LWR unaligned test:
[2019-10-24 08:45:18] <Netboot> I'm not sure if cfw is allowed here
[2019-10-24 08:40:30] <Netboot> I just got a ps3 cecha01 with fwd 3.55
[2019-10-13 01:21:20] <chek> does windows rip form2 files correctly, like if you just copy via explorer?
[2019-10-12 01:55:53] <smf-> crts would tend to overscan, so you might not notice if it's not centred as much as on an lcd which tend to underscan
[2019-10-12 01:54:32] <figgis> maybe it's just off center on my TV, it's not a CRT
[2019-10-12 01:54:10] <figgis> oh yeah, that should be easy enough
[2019-10-12 01:53:46] <smf-> you could always add a calibration screen
[2019-10-12 01:53:09] <smf-> I generally would go for what the official docs/libs have as the default
[2019-10-12 01:33:28] <figgis> hey, I've got a question: what's the proper Y display offset to use when displaying 320x240 in PAL mode? the pal guide from the docs says it's 28, but that looks off center
[2019-10-07 14:15:43] <krom> yep!
[2019-10-07 14:12:56] <pinchy> asm for all coding here on out?
[2019-10-07 14:12:43] <pinchy> good jawb
[2019-10-07 12:43:22] <krom> screenshot of my new x64 pure asm psx emu passing my CPU add test, using OpenGL for the GPU output:
[2019-10-05 07:45:47] <krom> smf-: how about you, are you upto anything cool?
[2019-10-05 07:45:31] <krom> just loading PSX Exe files atm too
[2019-10-05 07:45:15] <krom> I am converting from an asm N64 emu I started already, so quick for me to convert to PSX CPU & Little endian
[2019-10-05 07:44:33] <krom> smf-: got CPU working, I can see the registers match to no$psx for one of my demos running throught to the end, just need to setup VRAM & GPU stuff now to display GFX
[2019-10-05 06:28:40] <smf-> krom, how far have you got?
[2019-10-05 05:32:28] <krom> smf-: yep x64 =D
[2019-10-05 02:39:51] <Kitsune19> however i know its a valid movie file because i loaded it in jpsxdec and tested it and it plays correctly with the movie and sound working correctly so im not sure how to import the file since its working, into my image.
[2019-10-05 02:37:58] <Kitsune19> i've already made the .str with sony mc and combined the .str and .xa into a single .str file.
[2019-10-05 02:37:04] <Kitsune19> i have a question regarding ps1 .str and .xa files. i recently made my own .str file and im trying to replace one of my game's .str files with it but when i try to import it into the disc image with cdmage, it tells me the str has to be in RIFF CDXA format
[2019-10-05 02:35:55] <chek> hi
[2019-10-05 02:35:49] <Kitsune19> hello all
[2019-10-05 02:01:22] <mr_lou> Less emu-dev. More homebrew gamedev.
[2019-10-05 02:00:14] <smf-> I guess x64? why would you do this ? :-)
[2019-10-05 01:16:39] <asie> ooh, the second ASM PS1 emu for PC? :D
[2019-10-05 01:05:46] <krom> hope you get well soon from your cold ;)
[2019-10-05 01:05:14] <krom> I'm making an asm ps1 emu atm for PC, having fun =D
[2019-10-05 01:05:01] <krom> smf-: wow sounds cool =D
[2019-10-04 22:48:43] <smf-> trying to keep an interpreter in the cpu cache, dedicating registers and lazy flag calculations might just about squeeze in a 1mhz cpu
[2019-10-04 22:40:27] <smf-> I'm still tempted to do a 24 channel sid player for the ps1, trying to emulate a 6502 as fast as possible and use the spu for generating the audio. There are a couple of 24 channel sid musics now


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