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[2019-09-14 10:53:04] <sirastyna> Hey all
[2019-08-31 00:10:09] <smf-> ppan, I'm not sure the ps classic was hackable on purpose
[2019-08-30 07:11:26] <ppan> I haven't gotten that far yet
[2019-08-30 07:11:18] <ppan> ah neat
[2019-08-30 07:00:17] <asie> yep, there's a DSi Camera exploit
[2019-08-30 06:59:47] <asie> 2018
[2019-08-30 06:59:45] <asie> i don't think you need to solder since, like
[2019-08-30 06:53:57] <ppan> are you installing HiyaCFW? im not good at soldering
[2019-08-30 06:48:11] <ppan> well I figured if i fuck up, at least i could enjoy the games hah
[2019-08-30 06:46:26] <asie> I think.
[2019-08-30 06:46:23] <asie> Not a bad deal
[2019-08-30 06:46:20] <ppan> I was thinking of getting that
[2019-08-30 06:46:16] <ppan> damn ebay links
[2019-08-30 06:46:10] <ppan>
[2019-08-30 06:45:06] <asie> also a PS1 for PS1 dev, eventually
[2019-08-30 06:44:57] <asie> i need to acquire a DSi for some DSi-specific homebrew dev tho
[2019-08-30 06:44:34] <ppan> nice
[2019-08-30 06:42:26] <asie> so for a not totally optimized project i think the results are reasonable
[2019-08-30 06:41:25] <asie> the theoretical maximum is well 2mbit but you have to subtract wifi frame (part of it, i think?), ip and tcp overhead
[2019-08-30 06:41:00] <ppan> that's great , 80k is still duable
[2019-08-30 06:40:38] <ppan> 2mbit bus? luk
[2019-08-30 06:39:40] <asie> ... which is good for testing nds homebrew without running around with a microSD reader and wearing out the cheap contacts on the flashcart
[2019-08-30 06:39:18] <asie> which isn't too shabby for a wifi chip on a 2mbit bus
[2019-08-30 06:39:12] <asie> dsftp never worked well for me, and this thing gets 70-80kbyte/s on my spare router
[2019-08-30 06:38:50] <asie> i made a backport of mtheall's ftpd (3ds/switch) to the nds
[2019-08-30 06:37:39] <ppan> asie what have you been working on lately?
[2019-08-30 06:36:03] <ppan> any good chans around here or should I return to freenode
[2019-08-30 06:24:36] <ppan> well I thought that too but see nothing but personal lives
[2019-08-30 06:23:46] <asie> what is #specdev? ZX Spectrum?
[2019-08-30 06:14:57] <ppan> wtf why did I get banned in #specdev
[2019-08-30 06:11:52] <ppan> yeah of course they did. Open up to lure in the pros
[2019-08-30 04:24:40] <budded> lil birdie told me PS Classic is incredibly hackable, as if Sony wanted it that way...
[2019-08-30 04:24:11] <budded_> now this sounds Interesting.... :)
[2019-08-27 06:39:58] <krom> hi =D
[2019-08-27 06:07:44] <ppan> hi
[2019-08-26 10:12:18] <TunaTrky> :D
[2019-08-26 01:59:53] <krom> nice one, welcome to psxdev =D
[2019-08-26 01:50:07] <TunaTrky> I've recently begun collecting PSX games and reliving childhood through them. Been soaking up any development diaries I could from the '90s. Figured I'd come hang out with the PSX crowd.
[2019-08-26 01:48:52] <TunaTrky> hello psxdev
[2019-08-22 02:08:52] <u00> genshin impact in stores now!
[2019-08-19 23:30:39] <zid> no circuit board :(
[2019-08-19 23:30:37] <zid> found both halves of the clamshell of my psx cheat cartridge
[2019-08-19 23:30:29] <zid> found a cache of lost random electronics
[2019-08-19 23:30:25] <zid> boooo
[2019-08-13 15:49:16] <ppan> hm
[2019-08-13 03:08:17] <TheAwesom> into a .ISO
[2019-08-13 03:08:12] <TheAwesom> anyone help with compiling a c game in psy-q
[2019-08-13 03:02:16] <TheAwesom> aw crap my name's cutoff
[2019-08-13 03:02:07] <TheAwesom> hi
[2019-08-10 07:21:14] <ppan> er
[2019-08-09 07:22:11] <celophi> hello, does anyone have the dates when psy-q sdk versions were released?
[2019-08-08 23:44:13] <Ligmark> Anyone alive here?
[2019-08-08 08:31:59] <LoJo> Thanks!
[2019-08-08 08:30:57] <ppan>
[2019-08-08 08:30:40] <LoJo> Is there one?
[2019-08-08 08:29:54] <LoJo> Yeah. I never read anywhere on the forums that there was a discord server!
[2019-08-08 08:29:02] <ppan> they may have more people there that are active
[2019-08-08 08:28:42] <ppan> do u go to discord?
[2019-08-08 08:27:57] <LoJo> I understand. I'm just an 18 year old kid.
[2019-08-08 08:27:05] <ppan> its business hours, ppl work.
[2019-08-08 08:26:09] <LoJo> Are you still there?
[2019-08-08 08:25:10] <LoJo> I'm so confused!
[2019-08-08 08:25:00] <LoJo> In the forums it is the "no$cash BIOS" that must be cloned. Is that just the burned EXPAN.EXE file?
[2019-08-08 08:20:13] <LoJo> Then you create the currently loaded expansion rom installer: "EXPAND.EXE"
[2019-08-08 08:19:33] <LoJo> You load the 95kb ROM into the emulator's virtual cdrom and that automatically allocates 20000 bytes to it.
[2019-08-08 08:18:06] <LoJo> The first file you create in the No$psx emulator is called PSX-EXP.ROM and it is 95 kb.
[2019-08-08 08:17:08] <LoJo> no... 138kb! My mistake...
[2019-08-08 08:16:37] <krom> ah o.k
[2019-08-08 08:16:23] <LoJo> Well, the ROM before it is converted to a flashable iso is a 95kb file called EXPAND.EXE...
[2019-08-08 08:15:51] <ppan> just use CloneCD
[2019-08-08 08:15:23] <krom> yep kinda, do you know howto open a command prompt & navigate to the directory with the rom!
[2019-08-08 08:14:50] <LoJo> Oh yeah... like "mount c C:\"?
[2019-08-08 08:14:23] <krom> in windows
[2019-08-08 08:14:18] <krom> you know dos type commands!
[2019-08-08 08:13:57] <krom> command line
[2019-08-08 08:13:56] <LoJo> Imgburn?
[2019-08-08 08:13:51] <LoJo> Which program is this?
[2019-08-08 08:13:48] <krom> do you know howto use windows command prompt?
[2019-08-08 08:13:27] <krom> well make sure it is exactly 262144 bytes in length, then use "copy /b rom.bin+rom.bin rom512.bin" then the rom512.bin file should be 524288 bytes
[2019-08-08 08:11:32] <LoJo> Okay then. I'll try it. How do I double the size of the No$ file to work on a 512kb chip?
[2019-08-08 08:10:44] <krom> I've pretty much told you everything I know on this subject, apart from hex editing part!
[2019-08-08 08:09:49] <krom> heh best research on the interenet people who have done exactly what you are trying todo, if any =D
[2019-08-08 08:09:16] <LoJo> ...I think...
[2019-08-08 08:08:46] <LoJo> But you know what I'm talking about? THe EXPAND.EXE file? Before it is flashed or "installed" to the XFX it is 95kb. Once flashed, it is 256kb in weight.
[2019-08-08 08:08:13] <krom> then prepare the sofware to be written to your device, which has been tested etc.
[2019-08-08 08:07:49] <krom> these CD's do a check, & see what expansion HW you have & what ROM chip size it has
[2019-08-08 08:07:08] <krom> but if you get a bootable CD it will sort out that prob on the fly
[2019-08-08 08:06:52] <krom> hmm I have no idea, it does sound right to make a 512kb rom to me...
[2019-08-08 08:05:42] <LoJo> Firstly, I want to know if I am supposed to do this on double-banked 256kb chips or one 512kb chip... Will the results be different even though both scenarios add up to 512kb anyway??
[2019-08-08 08:05:37] <krom> in the command prompt you can just navigate to the directory with the 2 file & say "copy /b file1.bin+file2.bin" to copy/concat the files
[2019-08-08 08:04:41] <ppan> CloneCD + ccd/sub/img
[2019-08-08 08:04:29] <krom> *copy 2 binary files together
[2019-08-08 08:04:13] <krom> yep I do, but what are you trying todo, if you just want to concat to binary 256kb files together, there are easier ways than using a hex editor...
[2019-08-08 08:03:22] <LoJo> Do you no how to use a hex editor? cuz I sure don't.
[2019-08-08 08:02:50] <krom> ah o.k, maybe explore that way of doing it, as it is idiot proof
[2019-08-08 08:02:17] <LoJo> You can actually boot burned CD-Rs through the XFX menu!
[2019-08-08 08:01:40] <krom> can you boot a RW CD, using any techniques?
[2019-08-08 08:01:20] <krom> well the only time I've tried flashing a expansion cart, I used my hard moded PS1, & a bootable disc that had various flash files & expansion compatibility, making it really easy
[2019-08-08 08:00:39] <LoJo> Sorry about that.
[2019-08-08 08:00:21] <krom> yep I follow


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