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[2018-05-21 04:41:11] <boss> \o
[2018-05-21 04:41:10] <boss> hello
[2018-05-21 00:41:16] <krom> nice to meet you
[2018-05-21 00:41:11] <krom> o.k take it easy
[2018-05-21 00:36:01] <boss> i hope
[2018-05-21 00:35:04] <krom> great, I hope it does not crash often?
[2018-05-21 00:34:40] <boss> again :)
[2018-05-21 00:34:33] <boss> now i am here :)
[2018-05-21 00:34:24] <boss> and crashed
[2018-05-21 00:34:02] <krom> ah o.k
[2018-05-21 00:31:19] <boss> before, the browser has stopped to working
[2018-05-21 00:29:05] <krom> welcome back!
[2018-05-21 00:28:51] <boss> i am back
[2018-05-21 00:28:46] <boss> hello
[2018-05-20 22:23:31] <boss> i agree
[2018-05-20 22:23:00] <krom> nice =D
[2018-05-20 22:22:44] <boss> interesting =D
[2018-05-20 22:22:26] <boss> i am fine
[2018-05-20 22:22:07] <krom> just adding some instructions to ARMIPS atm, for GTE stuff on PSX
[2018-05-20 22:21:00] <krom> I am good, how about you?
[2018-05-20 22:20:15] <boss> how are you?
[2018-05-20 22:20:06] <boss> hello krom
[2018-05-20 22:19:08] <krom> hi =D
[2018-05-20 22:14:52] <sqi> \o
[2018-05-20 22:14:50] <sqi> hello
[2018-05-19 10:31:56] <krom> this test gets the average Z value for 3 or 4 point polygons
[2018-05-19 10:30:45] <krom> screenshot:
[2018-05-19 10:30:31] <krom> GTE AVSZ3/AVSZ4 test is up:
[2018-05-19 08:48:58] <krom> using the general purpose instructions
[2018-05-19 08:48:02] <krom> has lots of useful functions now
[2018-05-19 08:47:53] <krom> improved my GTE include file:
[2018-05-18 08:42:25] <krom> yep =D
[2018-05-18 08:29:00] <RevoTPP> yeah i believe it to be a really well done "hoax" game
[2018-05-18 08:28:39] <krom> RevoTPP: this is very interesting I have been watching lots of videos about it now!
[2018-05-18 08:18:46] <RevoTPP> the shading applies to the walls too, its weird
[2018-05-18 07:52:27] <chek> the floor plane could be a bunch of polygons centered on the player, with decreasing brightness by distance
[2018-05-18 07:41:02] <RevoTPP> but silent hill's fog was white
[2018-05-18 07:40:58] <RevoTPP> its unfortunately compared to what silent hill did
[2018-05-18 07:40:09] <RevoTPP>
[2018-05-18 07:39:59] <chek> is there an example time in that video?
[2018-05-18 07:39:59] <RevoTPP> its a standard circular dark fog/draw distance
[2018-05-18 07:39:36] <RevoTPP> they seem to think its unrealistic... somehow
[2018-05-18 07:39:25] <RevoTPP> the thing people have most been complaining about in terms of "can petscop run on a ps1???????" is the shading around the player when they're underground
[2018-05-18 07:39:00] <RevoTPP> yeah, lossy compression
[2018-05-18 07:38:59] <chek> since this is on youtube
[2018-05-18 07:38:54] <chek> could also be video encoding
[2018-05-18 07:31:10] <chek> it looks kind of like the bits of pink around the triangle become darker
[2018-05-18 07:23:46] <chek> not sure
[2018-05-18 07:14:54] <RevoTPP> in terms of how accurate it is to PS1, most of the game doesnt concern me, its those little effects im interested in
[2018-05-18 07:12:50] <RevoTPP>
[2018-05-18 07:12:45] <RevoTPP> that triangle bobs up and down and left and right, in a desynchronized way
[2018-05-18 07:12:42] <chek> oh you posted a video link let me check that out
[2018-05-18 07:12:32] <chek> is there a texture bobbing there
[2018-05-18 07:11:56] <chek> in that screenshot
[2018-05-18 07:11:50] <chek> hmm not sure about your case
[2018-05-18 07:11:22] <RevoTPP> im used to n64 and gba stuff, ive never played with PS1 hardware
[2018-05-18 07:11:15] <chek> this is a good reference I use it often
[2018-05-18 07:11:11] <RevoTPP> thx
[2018-05-18 07:11:07] <chek>
[2018-05-18 07:10:49] <RevoTPP> ^ image of it, look at the door
[2018-05-18 07:10:43] <RevoTPP> and im wondering if that was common
[2018-05-18 07:10:43] <RevoTPP>
[2018-05-18 07:10:38] <RevoTPP> i ask because i can occasionally see instances where a bobbing texture like that clips into another texture thats clearly behind it
[2018-05-18 07:10:22] <chek> what I said applies to a textured polygon blending with whatever is already in the drawing area
[2018-05-18 07:09:05] <RevoTPP> can it blend over a texture, or does it have to be flat shading
[2018-05-18 07:07:26] <chek> at least to my knowledge
[2018-05-18 07:07:22] <chek> each texel has a bit which determines opaque vs blended, with 4 blending modes available
[2018-05-18 07:04:46] <RevoTPP> the triangle sigil that appears over highlighted objects appears to use desynchronized timers for left/right and up/down. how would an effect like that have been written like that back then?
[2018-05-18 07:02:46] <RevoTPP> how does the PS1 handle transparency?
[2018-05-18 07:02:42] <RevoTPP> in terms of grilling petscop for ps1 accuracy im not concerned about most of the game, stuff like the triangle effect for that sprite is what intrests me
[2018-05-18 07:01:13] <RevoTPP> is arbitrary transparency practical like that if its not prerendered?
[2018-05-18 07:00:56] <RevoTPP> related to transparency
[2018-05-18 07:00:52] <RevoTPP> im not familiar with PSX GPU operations
[2018-05-18 07:00:44] <RevoTPP> what would be needed to create a flat triangle that bobs up and down with a desynchronized pivoting left/right while it bobs up and down?
[2018-05-18 06:53:12] <krom> for this demo, I just loaded 3 X/Y pairs into the GTE SXY0..2 registers, then ran a command called "NCLIP" which takes those numbers & outputs winding calcuation result to the GTE MAC0 register, where I can read it back to the CPU side =D
[2018-05-18 06:48:46] <krom> like a really easy version of the N64 RSP!
[2018-05-18 06:48:27] <krom> tis pretty cool!
[2018-05-18 06:48:17] <krom> it is really needed to create fast 3d games =D
[2018-05-18 06:47:47] <krom> Geometry Transformation Engine
[2018-05-18 06:47:36] <krom>
[2018-05-18 06:47:33] <itoikenza> ah
[2018-05-18 06:47:08] <krom> itoikenza: it is the fixed point coprocessor on the PSX
[2018-05-18 06:41:24] <itoikenza> what may i ask is a GTE?
[2018-05-18 06:30:27] <krom> I am pretty new to PSX, so maybe someone else can chime in
[2018-05-18 06:29:44] <krom> hmm I reckon you can do any effect, as you can write to video ram from the CPU
[2018-05-18 06:26:50] <RevoTPP> i want to hear all the details if so
[2018-05-18 06:26:32] <RevoTPP> are there any graphical effects in the PS1 that are impossible to do on the hardware level? Im aware the saturn cant map shaders for chrome stuff on the hardware level (needs to be done in software), but does the PS1 have any weird limits like that?
[2018-05-18 06:14:35] <krom> also I have made a new GTE LIB file here:
[2018-05-18 06:11:46] <krom> tests clockwise/anti-clockwise winding using the GTE
[2018-05-18 06:11:26] <krom> screenshot:
[2018-05-18 06:11:21] <krom> my 1st PSX GTE demo is up "NCLIP":
[2018-05-17 13:26:22] <krom> yep most PSX games are 240p
[2018-05-17 13:26:02] <RevoTPP> seems like 240p
[2018-05-17 13:26:00] <RevoTPP> ive even done pixel counts to try and get a resolution
[2018-05-17 13:25:07] <RevoTPP> petscop uses modtracker(?) music and pixel artwork
[2018-05-17 13:24:49] <krom> you need skills in all areas though, which is pretty rare
[2018-05-17 13:24:27] <krom> could def be just 1 guy
[2018-05-17 13:24:14] <RevoTPP> so i was looking for how consistent this story was
[2018-05-17 13:24:00] <krom> *get info on HW
[2018-05-17 13:23:59] <RevoTPP> the reason i asked was that in "petscop" in universe there is a strong suggestion it was a homebrew project by 1 guy, so i was trying to get more background info about the kind of person they'd have to be


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