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[2020-03-10 11:20:14] <krom> gnight!
[2020-03-10 11:03:00] <NRGDEAD> Nighty night.
[2020-03-10 11:02:55] <NRGDEAD> I'll go to sleep now; but I'm here via ZNC, so I can read any answers later. Unless there's more than 50. ;-)
[2020-03-10 10:50:03] <NRGDEAD> So Shadow is Matt? The guy doing the PSIO?
[2020-03-10 10:48:21] <NRGDEAD> But there's some activity occasionally?
[2020-03-10 10:48:04] <NRGDEAD> Nice.
[2020-03-10 10:48:01] <NRGDEAD> :-D
[2020-03-10 10:46:51] <krom> also lost ops here so no one has changed topic for years lol
[2020-03-10 10:46:28] <krom> have not seen shadow for ages
[2020-03-10 10:22:45] <NRGDEAD> Just curious.
[2020-03-10 10:22:39] <NRGDEAD> "Topic set by shadow_" - is he here occasionally?
[2020-03-10 09:56:56] <NRGDEAD> Hi.
[2020-03-01 11:03:28] <thelord> maybe, I have nevever been interested in gaming personally, only in hacking
[2020-03-01 11:02:31] <kniffy> maybe one day, if i make friends with game dev people and start a project :D
[2020-03-01 10:58:49] <thelord> if you become an official game developer you'll get one :)
[2020-03-01 10:56:06] <kniffy> if i become a zillionaire i'll buy one
[2020-03-01 10:52:33] <thelord> barely more expensive than the ps1 blue
[2020-03-01 10:52:15] <thelord> 550usd I can see one on ebay
[2020-03-01 10:39:48] <kniffy> some dude from oaklahoma selling, no wonder they just make up a price
[2020-03-01 10:39:06] <kniffy> i see in related items the ps2 TEST unit, $1,000 -_-
[2020-03-01 10:38:29] <chek> wow wrong channel damn
[2020-03-01 10:38:24] <thelord> sure I know
[2020-03-01 10:38:15] <chek> don't forget the ammo
[2020-03-01 10:37:48] <kniffy> how many people can possibly want one of those
[2020-03-01 10:37:38] <kniffy> bah, 10k for that?
[2020-03-01 10:37:09] <thelord> first psx ever
[2020-03-01 10:36:30] <thelord> the paradise :)
[2020-03-01 10:36:22] <thelord>
[2020-03-01 10:35:47] <thelord> very easy
[2020-03-01 10:33:56] <kniffy> had i gotten an action replay back in the day i would try to flash that
[2020-03-01 10:33:04] <thelord> accession was one of them
[2020-03-01 10:32:50] <thelord> however I don't remember the names of the cracking scene groups
[2020-03-01 10:31:57] <thelord> I still have ez-o-ray rom reflash tool for the action replay, ez-o-ray was an alternative to caetla
[2020-03-01 10:27:20] <thelord> well it was easier to use an action replay flashed with caetla.
[2020-03-01 10:25:44] <kniffy> more reason for me to do my dumb musicdisk, i guess
[2020-03-01 10:25:16] <kniffy> just looked at pouet and there hasnt been much demoscene love for ps1 for years :(
[2020-03-01 10:23:10] <kniffy> i think those have been on ebay a few times, not sure how many ever really got used by devs back then
[2020-03-01 10:21:13] <thelord> I read that the last devkits were no more actual consoles but PC with ISA cards
[2020-03-01 10:19:52] <thelord> they have the same audio properties :)
[2020-03-01 10:19:09] <kniffy> mine as well - we should sell them to some audiophiles and get the debug units :D
[2020-03-01 10:18:20] <thelord> ah ? mine is a SCPH-1001
[2020-03-01 10:17:27] <kniffy> last i looked years ago even the early model ps1s are very expensive due to "audiophile" nerds deciding its got hi-fi audio output
[2020-03-01 10:16:31] <kniffy> yeah
[2020-03-01 10:16:24] <thelord> a modchipped pxs1 is more or less the same
[2020-03-01 10:16:03] <thelord> it's just a more powerful psx1
[2020-03-01 10:15:35] <thelord> yes I was interested back in the days but not anymore
[2020-03-01 10:14:37] <kniffy> i would love a net yaroze as well :\
[2020-03-01 10:14:20] <kniffy> yeah, i would love to get one of those, but way too expensive
[2020-03-01 10:13:51] <thelord> I was curious, if I wanted to buy another psx1, it would be a blue model but it's very expensive
[2020-03-01 10:12:52] <kniffy> the basic install removes the lens etc anyway
[2020-03-01 10:12:38] <kniffy> ps-io is probably easier to find than a replacement lens
[2020-03-01 10:12:11] <kniffy> :(
[2020-03-01 10:11:43] <thelord> so the console is useless
[2020-03-01 10:11:32] <thelord> I still have my original game console but I have broken the lens block
[2020-03-01 10:10:34] <kniffy> well, i still have metal gear solid, but thats only 1 game, cant play only that
[2020-03-01 10:10:16] <kniffy> i lost all my old discs so i cant play anything on the real hardware til i can chip it or get the ps-io :\
[2020-03-01 10:09:40] <thelord> psx without modchip = uninteresting for me
[2020-03-01 10:09:30] <kniffy> ps2 era is really when i got into tinkering and hacking with things
[2020-03-01 10:08:56] <kniffy> lucky, i didnt know anything about modchips then, so couldnt be cool
[2020-03-01 10:08:07] <thelord> but I bought a second hand one from a friend because it was modchipped
[2020-03-01 10:07:39] <thelord> actually I was only 12 lol
[2020-03-01 10:07:15] <kniffy> didnt get one til like 97-98
[2020-03-01 10:06:19] <kniffy> uhh that was in late 94 if i remember so i was 4
[2020-03-01 10:06:02] <thelord> no more like 15 or so
[2020-03-01 10:05:29] <thelord> personally I was 17
[2020-03-01 10:04:58] <thelord> out of curiosity,how old were you when the psx1 was released ?
[2020-03-01 10:03:40] <kniffy> i've had it in mind to make a simple musicdisk for ps1, but as of yet i have no idea how i'll do it
[2020-03-01 09:52:35] <thelord> well psx1 IS oldschool ;-)
[2020-03-01 06:12:16] <kniffy> thats before my time, but its cool seeing oldskool dudes here
[2020-02-29 22:26:22] <thelord> hi! Did anyone other than krom know my old program psx2hd?
[2020-02-29 05:30:59] <krom> ah yep, that would be a good way =D
[2020-02-29 05:30:44] <thelord> I'll ask at work if they have an usb disk reader handy
[2020-02-29 05:25:20] <krom> or someone in here who is closer to you?
[2020-02-29 05:25:01] <krom> ah well, do you not have a friend who can help you out?
[2020-02-29 05:21:10] <thelord> snail*
[2020-02-29 05:21:03] <thelord> the last resort is "nail mailing" the disk to you
[2020-02-29 05:19:59] <thelord> even that old thinkpad doesn't have a disk drive reader anymore I was wrong
[2020-02-29 05:08:17] <thelord> brb
[2020-02-29 05:02:12] <thelord> but still, worth a try with an external screen or ssh
[2020-02-29 05:01:30] <krom> ah o.k
[2020-02-29 05:01:25] <thelord> problem with this old thinkpad is that its screen doesn't work anymore
[2020-02-29 05:00:50] <thelord> not on my laptop
[2020-02-29 05:00:43] <thelord> I've tried to read the disk on my father's (not recent) desktop
[2020-02-29 04:54:24] <thelord> making backups on things like that seems inconceivable nowadays with clouds and such but still
[2020-02-29 04:51:11] <thelord> it seems unreadable :'(
[2020-02-29 04:51:00] <thelord> yes but it's become crap
[2020-02-29 04:49:20] <krom> did you manage to find a laptop with disk drive?
[2020-02-29 04:48:51] <krom> it does remind me of seeing people in forums wishing they had the src to a tool!
[2020-02-29 04:48:33] <krom> very cool you found that disk
[2020-02-29 04:48:19] <krom> maybe it was me =D
[2020-02-29 04:47:48] <thelord> and I found back the diskette
[2020-02-29 04:47:38] <krom> hi, welcome back =D
[2020-02-29 04:47:31] <thelord> I'm on another PC in my parent's house
[2020-02-29 04:46:38] <thelord> edgbla, was I talking to you earlier? about psx2hd and fpcexp
[2020-02-29 04:45:19] <thelord> HI!
[2020-02-29 03:50:55] <krom> nice =D
[2020-02-29 02:17:00] <thelord> anyway. If I find the source code for those programs, I'll gladly send it to you
[2020-02-29 02:15:37] <thelord> bad ...
[2020-02-29 02:15:24] <thelord> hum yeah indeed. One of the posts says "I wanted to contact the author but the address is dead"
[2020-02-29 02:12:43] <krom> nice one!


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