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[2017-12-17 02:23:47] <smf--> time is the biggest problem, especially at xmas
[2017-12-17 02:22:25] <edgbla> ok
[2017-12-17 02:21:01] <smf--> I have some on going progress, but I don't like to talk about it or I get bored :D
[2017-12-17 02:20:03] <edgbla> smf--, any interesting news about psx?
[2017-12-17 02:14:26] <smf--> edgbla, no, it's something I thought about though
[2017-12-17 00:00:02] <edgbla> smf--, do you have a youtube channel?
[2017-12-16 20:32:57] <mgarcia> but that's not real PSX ;)
[2017-12-16 20:32:05] <mgarcia> @smf, i did stuff on the net yaroze
[2017-12-16 20:16:57] <smf--> anyone doing anything on PSX? <-- not right now, but maybe soon. How about you?
[2017-12-16 14:07:26] <mgarcia> ha, yip, cool
[2017-12-16 13:58:24] <krom> mgarcia: PSX uses little endian MIPS, bass does not have the option yet to swap the bits, so I used ARMIPS instead, which has this support
[2017-12-16 13:57:32] <mgarcia> i guess it doesn't support R3000
[2017-12-16 13:57:22] <mgarcia> noticed you're not using bass
[2017-12-16 13:56:59] <mgarcia> ASM :/
[2017-12-16 13:01:35] <krom> still working on some more GPU tests...
[2017-12-16 13:01:06] <krom> mgarcia: I started some simple ASM PSX test here if you are interested:
[2017-12-16 10:07:06] <chek> yeah
[2017-12-16 09:56:05] <mgarcia> kinda dead around here :/
[2017-12-16 09:55:48] <mgarcia> anyone doing anything on PSX?
[2017-12-13 14:33:26] <newos> is there a freemcboot for psx or is action replay the only way?
[2017-12-13 14:32:24] <newos> hi stupid question
[2017-12-13 11:43:21] <chek> ok
[2017-12-13 11:40:46] <Ya_ALLAH> hello to me
[2017-12-13 10:30:22] <YA_ALLAH_> hello
[2017-12-09 06:56:43] <reachC> Thanks smf-!
[2017-12-09 04:53:39] <smf-> this should convert it
[2017-12-09 04:53:12] <smf-> then you can call MOD_Load with the name of the array
[2017-12-09 04:52:49] <smf-> then you need to use a bin2c type program, which will convert the mod into an unsigned char []
[2017-12-09 04:52:16] <smf-> if you want to include it in the executable
[2017-12-09 04:52:03] <smf-> they use CdReadFile("\\MUSIC.HIT", (u_long*)MOD_AREA, 0);
[2017-12-09 04:50:53] <smf-> reachC, this also uses hitmod and the source is available
[2017-12-09 04:21:36] <reachC> Hi! I'm trying to use the hitmod library in a project. In the example code the mod is loaded from 0x80100000. How can i convert the ".hit" file to a object file that can be passed to the PSYQ ccpsx compiler?
[2017-12-08 11:01:56] <tokomak> keep getting dropped by cafe wifi sorry
[2017-12-08 10:52:52] <paulmz> oddworld games used it
[2017-12-08 10:52:48] <paulmz> it was still used in a lot of games
[2017-12-08 10:36:08] <smf-> c++ was unpopular for console development back then because it was crap
[2017-12-08 10:35:06] <smf-> I suppose c++ probably is better in modern gcc than pssn
[2017-12-08 10:33:46] <smf-> yeah godbolt is missing a lot of targets
[2017-12-08 10:32:36] <paulmz> god*
[2017-12-08 10:32:34] <smf-> in fact I think gcc for 68000 became worse over the years, rather than better
[2017-12-08 10:32:32] <paulmz> hmm gold bolt just has x86 32/64 and arm
[2017-12-08 10:31:13] <paulmz> the final code gen step is just a translation of IL -> ASM
[2017-12-08 10:31:02] <paulmz> most of it since both gcc and clang operate on some sort of IL
[2017-12-08 10:30:58] <smf-> gcc always sucked for 68000 on the amiga
[2017-12-08 10:30:35] <smf-> but how much of that makes it into r3000
[2017-12-08 10:30:13] <paulmz> pretty bad I would imagine, it has over 20 years of compiler optimization tech missing lol
[2017-12-08 10:29:50] <smf-> I've never looked at code quality compared to gcc though
[2017-12-08 10:29:20] <smf-> oh he's gone. but I do everything on 64 bit windows with official pssn sdk
[2017-12-08 09:23:36] <paulmz> yeah there is an open source sdk
[2017-12-08 09:23:00] <tokomak> or if there are community libs for PSX that were around before PsyQ leaked or whatever
[2017-12-08 09:22:33] <tokomak> but IDK if the PSX libs will work with it
[2017-12-08 09:22:26] <tokomak> I wonder if I should just build a MIPS GCC
[2017-12-08 09:20:35] <tokomak> I really came to the retro console dev scene too late - gotta piece together stuff
[2017-12-08 09:11:00] <tokomak> I could put the whole thing in dosbox and party like it's 1994
[2017-12-08 09:10:50] <tokomak> Too bad the PsyQ SDK available doesn't work on win3.1
[2017-12-08 09:10:26] <paulmz> the source is around some where, could prob rebuild it, dead simple tool
[2017-12-08 09:10:15] <tokomak> which usually means it's a 16-bit windows app
[2017-12-08 09:10:06] <tokomak> nope, still incompatible with 64-bit
[2017-12-08 09:09:44] <tokomak> I'll try running the .exe and see if I get a less buggy psexe out of it
[2017-12-08 09:09:29] <tokomak> got the standard arch error
[2017-12-08 09:09:23] <tokomak> ah, well, I guess it must prioritise .com or something
[2017-12-08 09:09:21] <paulmz> only psylink is 16bit
[2017-12-08 09:09:07] <paulmz> isn't
[2017-12-08 09:09:03] <paulmz> cpe2x.exe is 32bit
[2017-12-08 09:09:02] <tokomak> main problem will be soldering in the DE9 connector lol
[2017-12-08 09:06:01] <tokomak> I have a real PS1 on the way that I'll probably modchip and boot to some serial loader
[2017-12-08 09:05:42] <tokomak> that and my VM is dead so I'm working with a combination of 64-bit windows (ccpsx.exe) and dosbox (cpe2x.exe) when going through the tutorial
[2017-12-08 08:58:39] <tokomak> there are some weird things down here
[2017-12-08 08:58:29] <tokomak> welcome to low level development I suppose
[2017-12-08 08:58:13] <tokomak> and I get hello world on a flickering striped background
[2017-12-08 08:57:38] <tokomak> then runs it
[2017-12-08 08:57:33] <tokomak> nocash says "Symbolic Info File Corrupt, Line 1"
[2017-12-08 08:56:58] <tokomak> but it's... weird
[2017-12-08 08:56:53] <tokomak> I have successfully made nocash psx say hello
[2017-12-08 08:56:28] <tokomak> boop boop
[2017-12-07 02:21:34] <smf-> shadow`, hi
[2017-12-03 10:13:12] <krom> yep =D
[2017-12-03 10:05:48] <mrkotfw> A lot of games abused that
[2017-12-03 10:05:35] <mrkotfw> Oh, that's what it was
[2017-12-03 09:50:32] <krom> like water spray particles etc.
[2017-12-03 09:50:20] <krom> can make analog tv noise type effects for graphics/blending
[2017-12-03 09:49:51] <krom> it's a texture color combiner
[2017-12-03 09:49:36] <krom> the random or patterned noise function
[2017-12-03 09:49:22] <krom> heh!
[2017-12-03 09:10:18] <mrkotfw> rdp_noise() ???
[2017-12-03 09:09:11] <mrkotfw> I'll take a look at your cube example
[2017-12-03 09:00:19] <mrkotfw> Thanks
[2017-12-03 08:57:13] <krom> mrkotfw: wow, congrats getting that to work, great stuff
[2017-12-03 08:56:23] <mrkotfw> So I just fired up IDA, found where libusb_open_device_with_vid_pid() was being called, saw the arguments, found the offset in the binary and changed it
[2017-12-03 08:55:48] <mrkotfw> So the tool PSEXEU was hardcoded for PID:VID 0x1209:0x0BAD1, but Xlink is 0x1209:0x0BAD2
[2017-12-03 08:55:05] <mrkotfw> Cool, I'll take the early version
[2017-12-03 08:54:56] <mrkotfw> I got it to work!!!
[2017-12-03 08:54:51] <mrkotfw> HA!
[2017-12-03 08:44:52] <krom> like getting rid of the fat sincos table, to use less data for the same rotations
[2017-12-03 08:44:25] <krom> I am cleaning it up, to be more perfect
[2017-12-03 08:44:07] <krom> contains my rdp.c lib file, & 3d stuff, it's very minimal & simple
[2017-12-03 08:43:48] <krom> here is my source to that demo:
[2017-12-03 08:43:00] <krom> yep pretty much
[2017-12-03 08:42:52] <krom> I have not released it yet, but I can give you an early version if you like
[2017-12-03 08:42:51] <mrkotfw> I was trying to do a *FULL* 3D pipeline so it would be useful. Is that what you did?


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