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[2018-03-21 07:59:52] <mgarcia_> to preserver your originals just keep them in a dark, dry place.. ie storage
[2018-03-21 07:59:26] <mgarcia_> PC_ disk swap CDR's at boot but you'll stuff up your PS1, IMO not worth it
[2018-03-21 02:36:18] <MockyLock> ?
[2018-03-21 02:36:10] <MockyLock> ?
[2018-03-21 02:35:06] <PC_> i will be better off buying something sooner or later i may do, or just hold on to them until they are expensive and sell them both consoles
[2018-03-21 02:34:05] <PC_> if I could afford to blow that much on a developer kit for something i can't develop with no offence
[2018-03-21 02:12:09] <MockyLock> ?
[2018-03-21 02:05:02] <PC_> I don't have a cheat cartridge
[2018-03-21 02:04:45] <PC_> anyone know a way to run backups on the scph-5502 or scph-7502 playstation please? Need to start making backups of the loose discs before they are destroyed
[2018-03-20 22:10:28] <PC_> ok thanks any way
[2018-03-20 22:06:09] <mgarcia_> i'm off too
[2018-03-20 22:05:55] <mgarcia_> i think unirom is only parell port
[2018-03-20 22:05:41] <PC_> taking 5 minutes out for a smoke back soon
[2018-03-20 22:05:23] <PC_> hmm can i not clone the card and send it someone for picking at the code on it to see if it enables the unirom?
[2018-03-20 22:04:35] <PC_> a serial probe
[2018-03-20 22:04:11] <mgarcia_> interesting.. the cheats are probably saved games?
[2018-03-20 22:04:10] <PC_> i have a pony prog probe for a old xbox if those can mod them?
[2018-03-20 22:03:38] <PC_> it is a memory card mate front port card
[2018-03-20 22:03:23] <mgarcia_> image is too low res, i can't tell if it's a memory card or a parllel card
[2018-03-20 22:01:36] <PC_> that link shows it's image but going to the ebay page i bought it so it's gone
[2018-03-20 22:01:20] <mgarcia_> i can't find it in yahoo
[2018-03-20 22:00:16] <PC_> little boxed memory card in the famous black cheat card color tone for some of the parallel cards action replay units
[2018-03-20 21:59:14] <PC_> hmm it's title on the memory cards boxing states Sports master the ultimate sports game cheat card
[2018-03-20 21:58:34] <mgarcia_> but i'm not sure what a blaze sports cheat memory card is :/
[2018-03-20 21:58:12] <mgarcia_> i dont think you can use a memory card as a cheat..
[2018-03-20 21:57:28] <PC_> yeah precisely sorry
[2018-03-20 21:57:15] <mgarcia_> io card you mean a parallel action reply type card?
[2018-03-20 21:56:30] <PC_> 0 results for unirom with including the words blaze
[2018-03-20 21:54:21] <PC_> googled yeah looked at the io card unirom methods to be fair
[2018-03-20 21:53:56] <mgarcia_> did you yahoo it?
[2018-03-20 21:52:51] <PC_> Hi guys any idea if I can use the blaze sports cheat memory card instead of an io card to mod my psx please?
[2018-03-17 11:47:07] <krom> yep =D
[2018-03-17 11:22:50] <greaser|q> no worries, it's good to see stuff actually happening
[2018-03-17 11:19:44] <krom> just thought I'd say thanks, as without your help I doubt I would have done it ;)
[2018-03-17 11:19:13] <krom> marathonm is gonna convert it to a ucode for use inside n64chain/libn64
[2018-03-17 11:18:32] <krom> thanks =D
[2018-03-17 11:17:56] <greaser|q> congratulations
[2018-03-17 11:17:49] <greaser|q> oh nice
[2018-03-17 11:17:39] <krom> so I am drawing complex 3D objects for the 1st time on N64 =D
[2018-03-17 11:17:08] <krom> I used your shading code to help me get Z-buffer coefficiants working correctly
[2018-03-17 11:16:37] <krom> dunno if you saw, but I got N64 Z-buffer triangles working using your help
[2018-03-17 11:16:16] <krom> hi greaser|q =D
[2018-03-17 11:14:17] <greaser|q> mgarcia_: it's a mix of things as to why i haven't streamed, work is really fucking me off right now
[2018-03-17 11:14:04] <greaser|q> GuestVoid: not quite, just the GPU so i could use it in a game, but i suspect i may actually end up writing a damn emulator after all
[2018-03-17 10:43:59] <mgarcia> stream that stuff man!
[2018-03-17 10:43:54] <mgarcia> greaser|q now I know why you haven't streamed in a while ;)
[2018-03-17 06:50:09] <mr_lou> Groovy.
[2018-03-17 06:36:38] <chek> yes
[2018-03-17 06:28:59] <mr_lou> Like e.g. maybe the Crash remastered games?
[2018-03-17 06:28:50] <mr_lou> So it should be possible for some games?
[2018-03-17 06:20:44] <chek> I think it depends on the game
[2018-03-17 05:32:55] <mr_lou> Can you play games on a PS4 nowadays without being online? I.e. buy a game on a physical media, and play it on the PS4 without needing to have an account and without needing to be online?
[2018-03-17 05:32:16] <mr_lou> Noob question
[2018-03-16 22:05:06] <GuestVoid> greaser|q: are you writing a PSX emulator in lips? You're my hero
[2018-03-16 18:58:36] <mr_lou> She also likes Crash a lot. :-)
[2018-03-16 18:56:53] <mr_lou> Our 6-year old daughter is crazy about it. :-)
[2018-03-16 18:56:48] <mr_lou> We have a thing for retro computers and consoles, so we've had a PS One for many years, just waiting for us to find the time.
[2018-03-16 18:56:43] <mr_lou> My family and I only started playing Spyro last month. Never played it before in our lives. :-)
[2018-03-16 18:51:18] <mr_lou> Very nice greaser|q!
[2018-03-16 18:09:23] <greaser|q> it's written in common lisp and i'm using sbcl to run it, here's the source so far:
[2018-03-16 18:08:37] <greaser|q> been posting this on the lispgames irc channel on freenode but here's a screenshot of my ps1 gpu emulator so far:
[2018-03-14 19:54:41] <GuestVoid> RIP
[2018-03-12 15:07:17] <pinchy> let me subscribe to that newsletter too, The Font Madness(c)
[2018-03-12 15:06:52] <pinchy> its got some ugly unicode in it
[2018-03-11 21:46:29] <GuestVoid> fixed :)
[2018-03-11 21:04:09] <ttx> 86g 86,25 its purple not green86,25 
[2018-03-11 21:04:07] <ttx> 86g 86,25 cus your client sucks86,25 
[2018-03-11 20:54:02] <GuestVoid> why has your text a green background? :|
[2018-03-11 20:47:28] <ttx> 86g 86,25 i like good all-caps shit to read86,25 
[2018-03-11 20:47:20] <ttx> 86g 86,25 i, too, would like to keep up with such updates86,25 
[2018-03-11 20:47:14] <ttx> 86g 86,25 pinchy tell me if you figure out the subscription process86,25 
[2018-03-11 20:47:02] <ttx> 86g 86,25 h86,25 
[2018-03-11 20:07:12] <GuestVoid> Morning!
[2018-03-11 15:13:34] <pinchy> oh cool another newsletter i would like to subscribe to
[2018-03-11 15:11:24] <SDAQUIqua> SDAQUIqua edgbla Danetta mr_lou smf-- krom Danetta_h scyther Rai-chan mgarcia_ GuestVoid ttx RetroGuy skooch itoikenza winocm_ psxdev _shadow` kniffy chek Traace RiUFS DanDan greaser|q reachC lowbyte TAL pinchy
[2018-03-10 10:48:02] <ttx> 86g 86,25 k86,25 
[2018-03-09 21:14:00] <MockyLock> waiting for the week-end !
[2018-03-09 21:13:53] <MockyLock> another day, another full day work
[2018-03-09 21:13:15] <GuestVoid> Another day, another morning for y'all!
[2018-03-09 01:51:29] <MockyLock> sure*
[2018-03-09 01:51:25] <MockyLock> for suer
[2018-03-09 01:51:03] <GuestVoid> damn bosses
[2018-03-09 01:44:10] <MockyLock> :D
[2018-03-09 01:44:06] <MockyLock> so he gives it to me
[2018-03-09 01:44:01] <MockyLock> but my boss yes
[2018-03-09 01:43:58] <MockyLock> Nah
[2018-03-09 01:43:03] <GuestVoid> Do you have so many work, MockyLock?
[2018-03-08 23:01:19] <MockyLock> working too much
[2018-03-08 22:30:10] <GuestVoid> how is it going?
[2018-03-08 22:29:03] <MockyLock> 'llo GuestVoid
[2018-03-08 22:26:58] <GuestVoid> :)
[2018-03-08 22:26:57] <GuestVoid> Hi
[2018-03-05 22:14:38] <MockyLock> 'llo
[2018-03-05 22:07:41] <GuestVoid> hi there
[2018-03-04 12:46:57] <mxtp> bye
[2018-03-04 12:46:50] <mxtp> thanks
[2018-03-04 12:39:17] <paulmz> probably
[2018-03-04 12:39:15] <paulmz> dunno
[2018-03-04 12:36:17] <mxtp> is upload through serial port slower than using parallel port?


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