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[2016-03-16 09:16:34] <MockyLock> I hope i'll give a try today
[2016-03-16 09:09:20] <MockyLock> that's what*
[2016-03-16 09:09:08] <MockyLock> 'bout Daemontools, that's i had in mind
[2016-03-16 09:08:41] <MockyLock> maybe the easier
[2016-03-16 09:08:36] <MockyLock> I had a PU-8
[2016-03-16 09:08:31] <MockyLock> not that tricky finally
[2016-03-16 09:08:24] <MockyLock> Hum
[2016-03-16 08:32:26] <jse> soldering to those tiny via's was tricky heh
[2016-03-16 08:32:18] <jse> how did you find the switch board install MockyLock
[2016-03-16 08:31:21] <jse> for multiple bin stuff, you can mount the .cue sheet in daemon tools, then rip it with clonecd or imgburn
[2016-03-16 08:30:37] <jse> it's format for the image is .img and it also has sub channel date in a .sub file
[2016-03-16 08:30:20] <jse> yeah .ccd is like a .cue file for clone cd
[2016-03-16 08:29:36] <MockyLock> i must check CloneCd again
[2016-03-16 08:29:22] <MockyLock> PISO is told to be compatible with .img ; .iso and .bin
[2016-03-16 08:29:00] <MockyLock> Ah
[2016-03-16 08:28:51] <MockyLock> It makes .cdd, isn't it ?
[2016-03-16 08:28:43] <MockyLock> I'll try CloneCD maybe
[2016-03-16 08:28:25] <MockyLock> Or is it something related to the CD itself and impossible to change ?
[2016-03-16 08:28:08] <MockyLock> Is it possible to rip it again in single .BIN ?
[2016-03-16 08:27:53] <MockyLock> The rips i have are sometime in multiple .BIN
[2016-03-16 08:27:44] <MockyLock> I'm not very good in CD ripping
[2016-03-16 08:27:31] <MockyLock> thank y ou
[2016-03-16 08:27:29] <MockyLock> I may have an old imgburn archive somewhere
[2016-03-16 08:27:17] <MockyLock> Ah
[2016-03-16 08:23:22] <jse> they will provide the 3 image formats supported by psio
[2016-03-16 08:23:08] <jse> or imgburn to get iso
[2016-03-16 08:23:04] <jse> you can also use cdrwin to get bin+cue
[2016-03-16 08:22:53] <jse> clonecd is compatible MockyLock it's what i use
[2016-03-16 05:59:48] <MockyLock> But obviously none of them use a compatible format for PSIO
[2016-03-16 05:59:12] <MockyLock> I have Alcohol, CloneCD or DiscJuggler


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