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[2017-12-11 01:20:30] <admin> Hello World
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[2020-02-14 19:23:55] <satoshi> found out now even the old drives that came with them and were supposed to be busted are working fine
[2020-02-14 19:23:33] <satoshi> bought 2 new disc drives to replace on these consoles
[2020-02-14 19:22:14] <satoshi> update on that console if anybody is interested, replacing BA6397FP with a 6398FP fixed the spindle problem
[2020-02-04 01:37:40] <chopchop1> could play blender files on psx
[2020-02-04 01:37:36] <chopchop1> @ 5:20 he says they had a psx blender devkit
[2020-02-04 01:36:59] <chopchop1>
[2020-02-03 11:34:02] <satoshi> its dead jim
[2020-02-03 11:32:15] <krom> PSX Doom src released:
[2020-01-29 06:59:50] <krom> yeah! y'know how it goes in Japan!
[2020-01-29 06:30:39] <kniffy> brave prove? bizarre name
[2020-01-29 06:00:18] <krom> pre patched v1.1 can be found here:
[2020-01-29 05:59:14] <krom> just saw Brave Prove ps1 translation came out:
[2020-01-28 01:50:04] <Xavi92> ?
[2020-01-27 23:32:45] <^_^> You wouldn't know PlayStation if it smacked yo Mama's ass
[2020-01-27 23:32:21] <^_^> Yall non PlayStation having mothafuckas
[2020-01-22 06:44:44] <mr_lou> How about a blu-ray version of Doom? :-)
[2020-01-21 03:22:29] <krom> glad you are about on discord ;)
[2020-01-21 03:22:19] <krom> smf-: nice one, yep sometimes it is like that!
[2020-01-21 02:48:59] <asie> i should check out emudev
[2020-01-21 02:36:55] <smf-> so it is public, but have to use that specific link... <-- I found the emudev one on reddit, but I didn't have the psxdev one. thanks
[2020-01-21 01:50:45] <krom> *dm
[2020-01-21 01:50:38] <krom> I gave you it in pm on discord too
[2020-01-21 01:48:42] <krom> so it is public, but have to use that specific link...
[2020-01-21 01:47:16] <krom> let me know if it works for you
[2020-01-21 01:47:08] <krom> that is the invite link
[2020-01-21 01:47:03] <krom>
[2020-01-21 01:45:36] <krom> ah cool, yep I thought #psxdev was public, trying to find out how to get you an invite...
[2020-01-21 01:43:52] <smf-> I got on emudev from a link on reddit
[2020-01-21 01:43:01] <krom> plenty of people would love to see you there!
[2020-01-21 01:42:02] <krom> I'm "krom#9482"
[2020-01-21 01:41:45] <krom> I could give you an invite if you become my friend on discord
[2020-01-21 01:41:30] <krom> smf-: they are public =D
[2020-01-21 01:41:21] <Xavi92> That should be doable nowadays connecting a WiFi-capable chip on one of the available ports e.g.: an ESP8266
[2020-01-21 01:40:52] <Xavi92> smf-: BTW, I still hope somebody creates a truly online game for PS1
[2020-01-21 01:40:22] <Xavi92> Definitely lol
[2020-01-21 01:39:56] <smf-> Xavi92, that is awesome. Imagine if that had come out in 1994 though... everyone would have been WTF is this shit?????
[2020-01-21 01:34:18] <Xavi92> smf-: there's also Fromage, the Minecraft clone for PS1 ->
[2020-01-21 00:59:07] <smf-> are they public discords? or invite only?
[2020-01-21 00:39:25] <krom> & in another psxdev server, lots of cool stuff going on dev wise, especially from people like lameguy64
[2020-01-21 00:38:40] <krom> *discord
[2020-01-21 00:38:35] <krom> well on the discrod emudev server there are like 10 new ps1 emus being made by people, in various states of compatibility
[2020-01-21 00:28:46] <smf-> krom, what other dev stuff and new emus are there?
[2020-01-21 00:27:49] <smf-> it does look nice, he needs to fix the camera clipping on the lava though
[2020-01-21 00:10:45] <krom> yeah, I'm loving all the recent ps1 dev stuff, & new emus
[2020-01-20 23:44:06] <Xavi92> krom: been paying attention to that demo for a few weeks now, looks impressive
[2020-01-20 22:28:04] <krom> somone is making Zelda on PS1:
[2020-01-20 16:31:21] <satoshi> i gues*
[2020-01-20 16:22:08] <satoshi> BA6397FP
[2020-01-20 16:21:29] <satoshi> i it is a dead chip i guess?
[2020-01-20 16:21:20] <satoshi> update: there are no shorts on the spindle power lines, i lifted the motor legs on the chip and tested them while booting the console, 0 volts on them
[2020-01-20 12:47:41] <satoshi> the laser goes into position, try to focus but the spindle doesn't even move
[2020-01-20 12:47:04] <satoshi> does anybody have a schematic of a pu-8 board? at least the spindle circuit
[2020-01-12 18:35:47] <mr_lou>
[2020-01-11 12:51:40] <pinchy> lrh is next door buddy ro
[2020-01-11 11:45:24] <jrra> howdy
[2020-01-10 23:33:35] <sogilbert> Hey guys!
[2020-01-06 01:56:55] <smf-> but this is all hearsay based on 25 year old memories
[2020-01-06 01:56:21] <smf-> rather than just poking into draw lists
[2020-01-06 01:55:57] <smf-> I read the early sdks did some stuff differently, like GPU was supposedly more abstracted
[2020-01-06 01:53:37] <smf-> it's annoying that we don't have early NEWS/target box stuff
[2020-01-06 01:53:01] <edgbla> ok
[2020-01-06 01:51:33] <smf-> one imagines that sony didn't throw away their code and sn systems develop all new libraries
[2020-01-06 01:50:12] <smf-> "While Sony had provided MIPS R4000-based Sony NEWS workstations for PlayStation development, Psygnosis disliked the thought of developing on these expensive workstations and asked SN Systems to create a PC-based development system"
[2020-01-06 01:48:53] <smf-> psyq might have just compiled the code using their compiler etc
[2020-01-06 01:48:18] <smf-> the includes and libraries may have been similar
[2020-01-06 01:47:57] <smf-> sony had a workstation based development system, we don't have
[2020-01-06 01:47:25] <smf-> Well they may have come from the earlier sony development kit
[2020-01-06 01:46:42] <edgbla> text strings...
[2020-01-06 01:46:30] <edgbla> ridge racer have psyq like main function...
[2020-01-06 01:46:21] <smf-> tekken 2 I think was the first that could run on both the retail ps1 gpu and the earlier one used on the early arcade boards (which may or may not be the one from the MW.2 target box)
[2020-01-06 01:45:05] <smf-> the arcade version of tekken uses an interesting library that adapts to the different GPU revisions
[2020-01-06 01:43:14] <smf-> and I have a vague recollection ridge racer was developed with the target box, not the ISA cards
[2020-01-06 01:40:57] <smf-> but sony only switched from their workstation to psyq in 1994
[2020-01-06 01:40:32] <smf-> I've not looked for tell tale strings
[2020-01-06 01:39:46] <smf-> I suspect it wasn't done with psyq
[2020-01-06 01:39:02] <edgbla> unknown psyq version
[2020-01-06 01:38:50] <edgbla> first game - ridge racer?
[2020-01-06 01:38:27] <edgbla> > I know there were some library versions they distributed over the internet at the end <- as the minimum it must contain executables, docs, includes and libraries
[2020-01-06 01:38:25] <smf-> started by amiga xenon 2 programmer
[2020-01-06 01:36:27] <smf-> who did snes development tools
[2020-01-06 01:36:03] <smf-> psyq was licensed from sn systems
[2020-01-06 01:35:56] <smf-> or whether they aligned with development systems for other platforms
[2020-01-06 01:35:32] <smf-> I also don't know if they started at 1.0
[2020-01-06 01:34:24] <edgbla> i see
[2020-01-06 01:33:54] <smf-> I know there were some library versions they distributed over the internet at the end
[2020-01-06 01:33:19] <smf-> I'm not entirely sure whether all the versions were distributed as cd's
[2020-01-06 01:32:44] <edgbla> smf-, It would be great to find a full PsyQ programmer tool SDK of the following versions: 3.5, 4.2 too
[2020-01-06 00:11:14] <smf-> edgbla, Ill try to remember to take a look later
[2020-01-05 17:59:52] <edgbla> do you have any other versions?
[2020-01-05 17:59:50] <edgbla> smf-, loader supports psyq ver autodetect - 3.6, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7
[2020-01-05 10:54:05] <smf-> I would like to see ghidra hooked up to mame somehow
[2020-01-05 10:53:10] <smf-> edgbla, cool.
[2020-01-05 09:44:26] <edgbla> ghidra psx loader
[2020-01-02 05:06:27] <pinchy> c u in 2021
[2020-01-02 04:37:10] <Xavi92> Happy New Year 2020!
[2020-01-02 04:37:02] <Xavi92> Hi there :)
[2019-12-30 22:40:23] <Tman> Anyone here can help me with a psnee problem?
[2019-12-25 06:09:18] <smf-> merry christmas
[2019-12-23 22:18:10] <krom> everything else else seemed perfect though ;)
[2019-12-23 22:17:55] <krom> smf--: yep me too!


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