[DOWNLOAD] Losers PSX Multisession CD EXE Loader Menu v0.3

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[DOWNLOAD] Losers PSX Multisession CD EXE Loader Menu v0.3

Post by Administrator » June 20th, 2016, 2:06 pm

[center]PSX Multisession CD EXE Loader Menu v0.3 - loser 2001[/center]
oO What's It Do Oo
In short it lets u write to the same cdr many times (by way of a multisession
cd) and then be able to select and run the exe files in all sessions.
The psx does not support multisession cds and so limited multisession support
is emulated in software by this program.

It can also be used as a normal 'demo menu' program for putting more than 1
psx exe on the 1 cd. as it supports multiple exes in a session too.

oO Why Bother? Just use a Cable! Oo
For those that dont HAVE a way of transferring data onto their psx (no cable or
whatever), this lets u run your code from cd, but doesnt waste 1 cd each time u
want to try some different code. i realise that cd-rs arent expensive, but if
you do your entire project using only cd-rs to test it, it would get quite
costly. this program lets you reuse the same cdr up to 45 times by writing up
to 45 sessions! (u can fit more sessions on a disc if you use an 80min cdr)

I actually wrote this in order to port a copy to the ps2 so that i can then
attempt to develop some kind of coms cd to then send over my code. hopefully a
port wont take too long...

oO Limitations Oo
- the mutlisession menu program must be present on the first session of the cd
- the first session must be licensed to boot on a psx
- exe files that you want the multisession cd menu to list must be named *.exe
- exe files must be in the root directory of a session
- any data files that your exe tries to load from cd must be present in the
first session on the cd. it cannot load data files from a different session
- you can put as many exe files in a single session as you want
- at the moment you exe file must load between 0x80010000 and 0x801C0000.
(this limit will hopefully be removed in the next version)

oO Swapping Other Cds Oo
when at the menu, press select then swap the cd with another cd that contains
exe files you want to run. the cd drive stops spinning for you to change the
disc, but you must keep the door switch closed (just use some blu-tac or a
spring or something)

now press start and it will scan the cd you just inserted for exe files on it.
when doing this the cd swapped in does not require the multisession menu
program on it and it also doesnt nee dto be licensed. therefore you only ever
really need to burn the multisession cd once! then u can use it over and over!

oO Burning PSX Multisession Cds Oo
Look at the included html file for burning psx multisession cds using cdrwin.

(NOTE: The email and website are long dead...)
oO Comments - Bugs - etc Oo
email: [email protected]
www: http://www.loser-console.com
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