Recommended Programs for stuff?

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Re: Recommended Programs for stuff?

Post by ViLXDRYAD » June 5th, 2018, 10:51 pm

access denied errors are because you need an higher permission than you have to run something (because it uses/modify files in places that windows doesn't allow otherwise)

try running psymake using a command line ran as a administrator

ccpsx commands are in makefile.mak, what "psymake" do, is to run the commands on the makefile.mak file, let's see what a basic makefile runs:

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	ccpsx -O3 -Xo$80010000 main.c -omain.cpe,main.sym,
	cpe2x /ce main.cpe
ccpsx compiles your code written on C to a language the psx can understand

the -O3 paramenter, is the option to optimize code, so you have a smaller output; there's three other more options which are -O1 and -O2, -O3 being the maximum optimization, the other option is not having it :D

about the -Xo$80010000, i have to check the pdfs once more to remember what this do, i assume that it specifies where to start the ps-exe used ram values from, since the psx kernel needs to the first 16k (from $80000000 to $80010000) i'll update here after i read

the follow up parameter are the source files to be compiled, in this case just main.c, you add more by separating them with spaces, for example:

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	ccpsx -O3 -Xo$80010000 main.c game.c effects.c -omain.cpe,main.sym,
the -o parameter means output, the order is important here; first it will output a cpe file, after the first comma, you name a sym file, and after the second comma, you name a map file, i recommend you opting out the sym file because you most likely don't need it (i don't know what can be used for tho) No$PSX will throw an error if it find a sym file with the same name of a ps-exe it's running, you can opt it out by clearing it's name (but leaving it's comma), like this:

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	ccpsx -O3 -Xo$80010000 main.c -omain.cpe,,
as for:

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	cpe2x /ce main.cpe
cpe2x is used to convert the previous cpe file that was output by ccpsx, to a PS-EXE (an exe that can be ran by some psx emulators, or by every if you master it to a cd, as in this guide: )

the /ce paramenter creates an european ps-exe, /ca would create an american ps-exe, if you use /cj it would create a japanese ps-exe, opting out that parameter will default to create a japanese ps-exe

the third parameter is the cpe file you want to convert to ps-exe

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Re: Recommended Programs for stuff?

Post by gwald » June 18th, 2018, 12:20 pm

For me, blender is a huge learning curve and found it frustrating.
I found the old, very old modelers better for 'low poly' ie PSX/DOS models.
And easier to use: misfit3d, fragmotion, milkshape, etc

I used LMMS for midi stuff

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