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PlayStation Development Network - PlayStation 1 CD-ROM Mastering

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This tutorial will teach you how to make a bootable PlayStation 1 CD-ROM (mastering).

To get the image above (license screen) to display, takes a bit of work.
Make sure that you have Psy-Q installed. If you do not, see how to set it up by clicking here)

Let's begin. We shall continue with our 'Hello World' program from the previous tutorial and make it into a bootable PlayStation disc image.

Now, simply download the programs listed below, and place them into the 'C:\psyq\projects\hiworld\cdrom' folder (where 'cdrom' is a new directory):

[DOWNLOAD STRIPISO] (NOTE: This only works with 32-bit systems. More information here).

Once you have done that, we'll need to create a batch file which will automate the process.
You may download it here: [DOWNLOAD GO.BAT], and it too goes in the 'cdrom' folder.

The next thing we have to make, is a file called 'SYSTEM.CNF'.

This is essentially just a text file that the PlayStation looks for on the disc.
It is always the first thing it will look for, unless you name your EXE file 'MAIN.EXE', in which case it is not required.

To make a SYSTEM.CNF file and understand its parameters, please see here.

NOTE: It is very important that you make your SYSTEM.CNF file correctly.

As an example, you may view our CNF file here: [VIEW SYSTEM.CNF].

Once you have your SYSTEM.CNF file edited and saved correctly, place it in the 'cdrom' folder we are currently working in (this is also known as the 'working directory').

Next, you need to create a CTI sheet which BUILDCD will use as instructions to build your disc image.
Please download it here: [DOWNLOAD HIWORLD.CTI].

Your directory structure should now look like the image below.

If you now edit the file 'HIWORLD.CTI' using a text editor, you will see how it looks for each file. It is pretty self explanatory. If you have any errors from BUILDCD, you must ensure this file is correct.

Now, simply execute 'GO.BAT' and your PlayStation CD-ROM image should be perfectly mastered.

If all goes well, you will see a prompt saying, 'Success!', and your licensed PlayStation ISO image. Do not use the IMG file as this is an un-licensed and invalid image generated from BUILDCD.

You now have a bootable and mastered PlayStation 1 disc that can be played in a modchipped system, or emulator.

Simply burn the ISO disc image to a CD-ROM with ImgBurn, or mount and run it in an emulator.

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