[DOWNLOAD] PSEXE.COM Version 2.09 Source Code

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[DOWNLOAD] PSEXE.COM Version 2.09 Source Code

Post by Shadow » August 2nd, 2014, 10:58 pm

PSEXE.COM Assembler Source Code
Copyright 1999 (C) K-COMM.

[The extension asm has been deactivated and can no longer be displayed.]

Development Console: SCPH-5502 with 8MB RAM, MM3 Modchip, PAL 60 Colour Modification (for NTSC), DB-9 breakout headers for both RGB and Serial output and an Xplorer with CAETLA 0.34.

Development Computer: Windows 98, Pentium 3 [400MHz], 128MB SDRAM, DTL-H2000, DTL-H201A, 21" Sony Trinitron CRT, CD-ROM burner, 3.25" and 5.25" Floppy Diskette Drives and a ZIP 100 Diskette Drive.


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