[DOWNLOAD] PSX MSX Emulator Source Code

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[DOWNLOAD] PSX MSX Emulator Source Code

Post by Shadow » June 4th, 2013, 7:47 pm

Here is the source code to the MSX emulator for the PlayStation 1.

NOTE: The 'bintoh.exe' program included seems to be built wrong. Use WinBin2Src or BIN2H found here. Its source though is included should you wish to recompile it.

Code: Select all

/** fMSX: portable MSX emulator ******************************/
/**                                                         **/
/**                           Psx.c                         **/
/**       Playstation specific code by Henk-Jan Ober        **/
/** Copyright (C) Marat Fayzullin 1994,1995,1996            **/
/**               Elan Feingold   1995                      **/
/**               Ville Hallik    1996                      **/
/**               Henk-Jan Ober   1997                      **/
/**     You are not allowed to distribute this software     **/
/**     commercially. Please, notify me, if you make any    **/
/**     changes to this file.                               **/
You are not allowed to distribute this...
Whoops, sorry for not following your rules guys! :P
PSX MSX Emulator.zip
PSX MSX Emulator Source Code
(166.3 KiB) Downloaded 787 times
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