Loonies 8192 Port

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Loonies 8192 Port

Post by thp » June 11th, 2020, 6:40 pm

Loonies 8192

Username: thp
Project Title: Loonies 8192
Time to Complete: 2 weeks
Genre: Game
Latest Release: r62
In Development: No
Initial Release Date: 11-JUNE-2020
Last Date Updated: 11-JUNE-2020
Controller: PlayStation controller
Players: 1
Memory Card: not supported
Languages: English, German, French
Region: NTSC
Burn and Play: Yes
Executable Included: No
Source Included: No

A Mini Retro Puzzle for DOS, PSP, 3DS, GBA and PSX

A simple puzzle game. Initially it fit into just 8 KiB, then grew to 16 KiB and then 23 KiB, then 25 KiB. Now it's a 40 KiB executable for DOS (with an extra 52 KiB datafile), the 3DS version is 468 KiB (previously 242 KiB), the PSP version is 904 KiB (previously 640 KiB) and the new GBA port is 156 KiB for the multiboot (EWRAM, bootable from a GC link cable) version and 316 KiB for the cartridge version (with enhanced backgrounds). The PSX version is ~ 240 KiB for the EXE and ~ 16 MiB for the BIN (includes CDDA).

How to play: There are 2x2-blocks falling down the top, with two different colors. Use LEFT/RIGHT/DOWN to move the block and use UP to rotate it. Use SPACE to drop the block (it will fall fast until it lands).

CUE + BIN: https://thp.itch.io/loonies-8192

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