"Forward compatible" PS1 games w/ 8MB RAM?

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"Forward compatible" PS1 games w/ 8MB RAM?

Post by yaroze » July 19th, 2016, 1:12 am

Just a random thought – given that the PS1 can technically address up to 8MB of RAM (and the well-documented SCPH-5552 mod proves that it's possible to physically add this memory to an actual PlayStation), wouldn't it have been cool if some later PS1 games (such as Tekken 3) had been made "forward compatible" and used this extra (virtual) RAM whenever the game was played in an emulator? (i.e. the official PS1 emulator within the upcoming PlayStation 2)

I seem to recall that RAM limitations were the main reason why the System 12's 3D backgrounds in Tekken 3 had to be dropped on the PS1, so it would've been a good selling point (and presumably relatively easy to implement) to promise gamers that these would become available on the upcoming PlayStation 2 (which was surely in development by that point anyway ?)

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Re: "Forward compatible" PS1 games w/ 8MB RAM?

Post by Shadow » July 19th, 2016, 1:59 am

Actually it was a VRAM limitation. The System 12 boards had 2 MB of VRAM versus the 1 MB on all PSX's.
It's been reported that PSone's have 2 MB of SGRAM on-board, but it's disabled.
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