[Solved] How to setup PS1 on WinXP ??

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[Solved] How to setup PS1 on WinXP ??

Post by New Nova » November 2nd, 2022, 1:59 am

Hello right there, let me explain.

I've used, for quite a while, my Windows 98 SE computer to work on PS1 dev. But for the sake of my setup, I wanted to try an old Windows XP setup.

Here's my problem :
After installing and testing the compilers, I wanted to run the thing on my PS1, using the Xplorer FX and Printer port. On my Windows 98 SE, i was doing :
"psexe -P10 main.exe" and it worked perfectly.
Now it doesn't.
I tried :
Using catflap, PortTalk and tweaking stuff (As I found on viewtopic.php?t=668 )
But nothing worked.
When I use catflap it almost immediately does a "Error : Connection Timeout".

Any help would be cool !

PS: No, I will not use NO$PSX.

EDIT : SOLVED by using a better cable.
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