Open source IGR and wireless dual XTAL switch

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Open source IGR and wireless dual XTAL switch

Post by L10N37 » September 27th, 2021, 3:06 am

Thought I may as well share this
You can swith between true PAL 50hz and NTSC 60hz on SCPH1002 / SCPH5502
By holding L1 + R1 + circle for about 4 seconds

It also offers short and long pulse in game reset
It's for Arduino nano (I use 168P clones for this so far)
The Japanese controller is strange and I haven't bothered with diag but
Usually you're better off using the button mappings for the regular dual shock when using
That controller

Obviously the dual XTAL mod can be used with a regular SPDT and I've made neat
PCBs for them.

It's demoed on my VajskiDs YouTube account and I've got happy customers using the mods

Feel free to tidy it up or make it suit your own button combos. It only captures one byte
Per interrupt which doesn't cover every button. It also only works on digital mode
I just added an algorithm to a code snippet I found.

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