The Great High and Mighty Demeanor of "CoopeZz XIII"

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The Great High and Mighty Demeanor of "CoopeZz XIII"

Post by Administrator » February 22nd, 2022, 10:32 am

As some of you may or may not know, I took this server offline for 24 hours in a stand to get full admin rights over a Discord server that was started by "CoopeZz XIII".

CoopeZz one day waltzed into these forums and wanted to start a Discord. I said that would be fine, but I will need full admin rights. That was back in 2019 (proof). The Discord was then started and it quickly grew fast (which was somewhat unexpected). I was then given basic admin rights (delete posts, kick people, etc). That was fine for the time being so I stayed with it and didn't bother asking CoopeZz for ownership yet as we had established trust and everything was going perfectly fine.

It's now 2022, and I finally wanted to add new admins to the Discord to help with the moderation as the server grew quite large as I am usually too busy to maintain all the members there from the Discord client on the web server. After CoopeZz told me off and then said I was a big disappointment (which I did not appreciate) and that I needed to run everything by him first and foremost, I apologised to him since admins should work together kindly and not bicker at one another. He after all did maintain and take care of the server while I was busy, but I did not appreciate having to run every little detail and confirm it with him and Danhans (the second admin of which CoopeZz did not get permission from me for to add - how ironic right) when I am full well (without sounding egotistic or smug) the foremost ranking administrator.

After speaking fondly towards CoopeZz in private explaining these reasons and then lead up to requesting full ownership, he ignored me for ~24 hours and would not release admin rights. After then speaking in public, he immediately jumped on board and started defending himself. I tried to resolve the issue for over 10 hours straight with him where he asked many questions as he tried to see if I was even still fit or suited for admin rights (of which I had to answer to satisfy his demands which were none of his business to begin with and get involved with anyway). However, he still wanted to remain in control and he then revoked permissions and kicked me from the server. Using a backup account I then restored permissions and added new moderators (of which I know and trust and who maintain their own Discord servers) to the server to help out, but I was again instantly banned in a few hours when CoopeZz came back online. I could have easily destroyed the server using the admin role I had (since again, I could delete posts, kick people, etc) but obviously that would be just absolutely disgustingly low and I am not as low as CoopeZz is. In simply trying to do the right thing, I was sadly ultimately permanently banned.

So overall from what I gathered, CoopeZz simply enjoys running Discord and acting like an admin. He doesn't appreciate the PlayStation and what it brought into our lives such as learning to design complex system code and explore and create projects for the hardware (which this forum is filled lots with). I got from a sense of the community that they would stand by him thick or thin and defend his Discord honour no matter the circumstances, and most of them were happy to see this website burn down to the ground and disappear just to defend his Discord ownership.

The sad truth of the matter is, CoopeZz and has done literally nothing to the scene. Nothing at all. He doesn't even know any programming language, not even something as trivial as making "Hello World" in BASIC. He has contributed nothing to the community and is nothing more than an individual handling puppets by their strings on his server because it gives him a sense of control.

I did not want him as the owner of the Discord as I had no control over it whatsoever. When you are not treated like an admin, the majority of the users that joined found the Discord from PSXDEV.NET and I then needed to run every little detail and change by him, it became apparent where CoopeZz stood which I did not appreciate. As an admin of a PSXDEV.NET for 10 years and paying $8K in hosting fees to keep it going for the community ad free and never asking once for a donation, CoopeZz showed zero respect or appreciation towards myself and most importantly the scene. CoopeZz was happy to see this website be shutdown and let the users of it suffer as their project, work, research, data and PlayStation archival history be destroyed.

I have since created a new Discord server. Those who would of course like to join are more than welcome. Either server is honestly fine to join to get information from for your needs, but realistically I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that toxic server and its toxic admins and this is what this rant/information I've shared is realistically about.
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