Competition #02 Winner

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Competition #02 Winner

Post by Shadow » June 26th, 2013, 6:40 pm

Well it is time to announce the winner for the second PSXDEV programming competition.

And the winner is...


LameGuy64 will receive:
- An Xplorer FX (image),
- A 4 MB PlayStation Memory Card (image),
- All entries on a compilation CD-ROM for him to play,
- His game on a CD-ROM with a label on the disc and artwork made for the case,
- An original PAL version of V-RALLY (image),
- A mousepad with a PlayStation 1 as the shape and image (image),
- A special one of a kind PSXDEV Codeblast '13 T-Shirt in your size of your choice (image), and,
- A discount of 25% off of PSIO.
We will be starting competition #03 sometime later this year with even better prizes. So keep practicing.

Thanks for the entries.
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