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Welcome to PSXDEV!

Post by Shadow » May 5th, 2012, 6:14 am

Hello and welcome to PSXDEV!

This website, is a permanent and free information source to everything PlayStation 1, including the Net Yaroze and official Sony development equipment.

Should you want to know something or need something for the PS1, you will find it here.

Please enjoy the hard work and effort I have done to make sure that you can find the tools, software, information and history of the PlayStation 1.

Please also have a look at what the homebrew members have made. You are free to download their source code (should it be released by them) to edit it, learn and create anything you wish for the PlayStation 1.

Should you want to chat with a programmer or someone from PSXDEV, please join our IRC channel on the EFNet servers (EG: irc.eversible.com) in the channel #psxdev
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