PSP Vs. PSVITA for homebrew

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PSP Vs. PSVITA for homebrew

Post by jman » December 5th, 2013, 10:14 am


just a side thought in my mind these days.
I was evaluating a PSP or a PSVITA in my letter to Santa, but I know nearly nothing of these two great piece of hardware from the point of view of a hobby developer with little free time.

I'd like a mobile console for this usage scenario: 90% programming/learning, 10% playing.
I don't care if the device is near its end of shelf life.
The choice would be: C programming for PSP, C# programming for PSVITA (PSVITA is not accessible in a low level language).

I tried to pinpoint advantages and disadvantages, but there are many doubts ("?"), I'd like to clear out. Can you help me?

Basically I like the freedom of PSP but the hardware of the PSVITA should be a lot more fun to code.

- Open platform, easy homebrew deployment? Latest 6.60 official firmware can be patched with PRO CFW 6.60C2
- wide games portfolio
- emulator available
- active developer community?
- Difficult access for homebrew programming?

- longer lifespan (although commercially almost dead)
- can run PSP homebrew on it? (PSP play is relying on hacks that can be patched by Sony anytime)
- interesting hardware for tinkering
- emulator available in official SDK?
- is there a developer community?
- A bit more expensive
- ugh. Yet another programming language to learn (C#)
- Sony wants you to be an active developer (quote: "If the activated device does not reach to SCE server for 30 days consecutively, the device will be deactivated automatically.")
- Sony wants a cut on your hobby (quote: "By purchasing a PSM Publisher License, you can test your PSM Application on the PlayStation®Vita system and/or PS Certified devices"), although as of May, 2013 they have extended the promotional period and there's no tax to be paid.

I'd like your comments on the subject :-)


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Re: PSP Vs. PSVITA for homebrew

Post by t0rxe » December 5th, 2013, 1:24 pm

PSP all the way.
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Re: PSP Vs. PSVITA for homebrew

Post by Shendo » December 6th, 2013, 12:24 am

Agreed. PSP is the way to go. It has a mature toolchain with bunch of samples floating around.
And if you don't want to compile toolchain from source there are precompiled versions available.

From personal experience it's easy to program for (compared to PS1 for example) I don't know about Vita.

Also there are dev tools like PSPLink which allows you to upload
and run your code with USB cable and it includes debugging features too.

Aaaand with leaked keys your programs can now be signed so you can run them on non-modded units.
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Rookie Programmer
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Re: PSP Vs. PSVITA for homebrew

Post by jman » December 6th, 2013, 8:37 pm

Thank you both for your piece of advice. Right now I'm fiddling a bit with a 1003 of a friend and I like it.
I'm confident that Sony won't seal the console again two years after the latest firmware release :)

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