The Net Yaroze of today - Nintendo 3DS

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The Net Yaroze of today - Nintendo 3DS

Post by gwald » November 12th, 2018, 11:09 am

If anyone is looking for something like the "Net Yaroze of today", it's the Nintendo 3DS for sure!

---- Any console development isn't for noobs, and PSXDEV is a lot easier then 3DS ----

In many ways it's a lot harder with more complex hardware features but the positives out way the initial learning curve, ie it's actively supported by Nintendo, it's the only current gen portable console and more people will actually get to see your stuff (via free eshop demos) and maybe even make some money! :D

There's a lot of wanna be on the Unity3D side but native is pretty cool, free to sign up, it's mostly C++ tho and you can dev with just a test unit (costs like a retail unit).
I wrote about it a bit here: ... ntendo-3ds
And blogged about it, here:
(I lost my server so links redirect to the version)

I've also mentioned how I dev in a few posts here: ... s/13595851

To be clear, it's not cut down anything, it's all 100% pro, but obviously the switch is the latest, so the 3DS is seen more 'childish' and takes a back seat, but it still has a good audience!
ie: ... _solo_dev/

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