DTL-H2000 CPU2 Mod or Repair?

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DTL-H2000 CPU2 Mod or Repair?

Post by Shuji » September 4th, 2019, 11:57 am


While browsing YahooJapan Auctions for PlayStation DTL Hardware I saw what is apparently a DTL-H2000 CPU2.
What separates this board from any other one to my knowledge is the unusual modification done to what I think is carrying over signals. In fact by following the wires connections and gathering information from the IC's datasheets I was able to determine that it involves the following components: CN801 (?), CXD9514Q (GPU), CXD2922Q (SPU), HD74ACT244P (Octal Buffer), CXD2554P (Digital Filter), Toshiba B596 (Power Transistor), and an unknown IC soldered onto test pads located near CL802. What I figured out is CN801's taking the signals or lines from the SPU, Octal Buffer, Digital Filter, the unknown IC and sending the components signal's to the PIO.

To illustrate what I mean here are the following signals listed below that are currently being rerouted;

Code: Select all

Component  Pin   Symbol   Interconnection   Pin   Symbol
---------  ---   ------   ---------------   ---   ------

   GPU      ?      ?      CL813's Resistor   ?       ?
   GPU      ?      ?      Power Transistor   1     Base

   SPU     38     XRST          CI3          ?       ?
   SPU     95     LATB      Octal Buffer     6      1A3
   SPU     96     DTIB      Octal Buffer     6      1A3

  OctBuf   6       1A3         CN801         ?       ?
  OctBuf   8       1A4         CN801         ?       ?

  DigFil   9       INT9        CN801         ?       ?
  DigFil   9       INT9      Near CL802      34      ?

   ICX     1       ?            ICX          5       ?
   ICX     2       ?            ICX          4       ?
   ICX     4       ?            ICX          16      ?
   ICX     5       ?            ICX          8       ?
   ICX     6       ?            ICX          13      ?
   ICX     11      ?            ICX          15      ?

   C41     ?       ?          JP8011         1       ?
  JP8011   1       ?          JP8011         2       ?
   R883    ?       ?         Near CL802      25     VCC

The conclusion I've come up with is either the IC's signals are being rerouted by manipulating the connections or are essentially reconnecting them to restore their original order and condition which is most likely the case. However, according to what Takio_kyoudai wrote in the message I sent. Takio_kyoudai does not know if this was done intentionally by the Hardware Engineers or if the previous owner was responsible for the changes made to the CPU2 topside & backside. Regardless I wanted to know if anyone who is knowledgeable about these boards can tell me what is it this modification is accomplishing? Also, Takio_kyoudai wrote that this device wasn't paired with the PIO or perhaps Takio_kyoudai meant to say it wasn't bundled when Takio_kyoudai purchased it from the previous owner. Which I find odd because don't they rely on each other. I mean how else was the developer suppose to use the peripherals such as the controller.

If I'm not mistaken one should be able to tap into the Test Ports (CL8XX) or CPU connections to bypass this obstacle. However, aren't the HN27C4000G-12 (BIOS), S700 (Input/Out Address Selector), and JP7XX (IRQ & DMA Selector) an absolute must for it to be completely functional? While the CXD1199BQ (DSP) and the Fujitsu 27C256A-15 (Mechacon) aren't unless you want to, of course, use the DTL-H2010 or DTL-H2510 (CD-ROM Drive) to run games? Besides from I've just said I wonder what else the CPU2 is lacking in terms of components that one couldn't bypass through implementation?

Sorry, I wasn't sure what subthread this topic should be placed. So an admin can move it to wherever he or she sees fit.

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