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NOTE: Development kits will only be sold to dedicated members. You must have PlayStation 1 software written and shown to us if you would like to purchase a development kit below. If you show failure to do so, we will ignore you.

By purchasing anything off of this website, you agree and comply with our terms and conditions. Laws from any country shall not apply. All sales are final. Returns are not accepted.

If you have any PlayStation 1 development hardware, we would be interested in purchasing it to help others setup their development kits.

Sony DTL-H2000 CPU/PIO ISA Board Set
A complete and working DTL-H2000 development kit for the PlayStation 1. Only the CPU board, PIO board, Ribbon Connector and Brackets are included (as pictured).

Help and assistance in setting up the development kit, environment and SDK will be provided.
- Available Stock: 1 (as of 20/NOV/2022).
- Help and Information on the DTL-H2000.
Total: $1,250 AUD (please contact us if you're interested).

This cable is handmade for use with our PSXSERIAL software for the PC and PlayStation.

It allows you to upload homebrew games and programs.
- Available Stock: 0 (as of 18/OCT/2019).
Total: $40.00 AUD (Free Shipping Worldwide).
Please contact us if you're interested.

Xplorer SST 29EE020 (2 Megabit | 256K x8) EEPROM
A working SST 29EE020 Dual In-line Package EEPROM for use in an Xplorer, Xplorer FX and Xplorer FX PRO. It will effectively turn an FX with the Winbond EEPROM into a stock Xplorer, thus fixing the 'blank/black screen' problem and allowing use of CAETLA 0.34 to run. The ROM will be sent blank.
- Available Stock: 2 (as of 18/OCT/2019)
- More detailed information | Datasheet
Total: $12.95 AUD (Free Shipping Worldwide).
Please contact us if you're interested.

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