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20th January 2023

PlayStation Development - Homebrew / Yaroze Panel Help

Burn and Play:

Simply burn the image to a CD-ROM at 1x speed (if possible) with ImgBurn, or mount and run it in an emulator.

Executable Included:

There is a or multiple executables available in the source or the .ISO that will run independently. Run the .EXE or .PSX in an emulator such as ePSXe, or upload it via comms to a PlayStation 1 into RAM.

Source Code Included:

You may use the source code to learn, edit, change and modify the game. You may not re-submit replicas based off of the same code.

In Development:

If yes, then the game is still in development, and will be releasing updates along the way whenever the developer wants to.

Latest Release:

If the text 'final' is displayed, the game will no longer be updating and development has been completed.

Time to Complete:

The time in days, weeks and months in which the game was first released to the public (1 week = 7 days).


The Software Development Kit that was used to make the game.

Region (IE: PAL or NTSC):

Auto - The game will auto select based off of the BIOS licence string address.

Manual Select - You will be asked upon the games boot to select PAL or NTSC.

PAL / NTSC - There are two executables included that you may use. One shall be PAL, and the other shall be NTSC.

Unknown - The game has not been tested and we do not know what region it is in. Please email the administrator with the results, so that we may update the information.

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