Cheat code compatibility on NO$PSX emulator?

Problems or feedback about the NO$PSX emulator by Martin Korth
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What is PSXDEV?
What is PSXDEV?
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Cheat code compatibility on NO$PSX emulator?

Post by Swagducky » January 18th, 2023, 11:10 pm

I got into NO$PSX emulator when i heard that it supports link cable emulation on single pc, but i found out that there are no option of adding cheat codes, for example: XPLODER, Gameshark, etc.

Is there a possiblility to add cheat codes for NO$PSX emulator in future updates?

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Post by nocash » January 24th, 2023, 9:21 pm

Yes, I could implement something similar as "N$gba --> Utility --> Cheats". In no$gba, the cheat codes are stored in the NO$GBA.CHT file, in txt format, as so:

Code: Select all

;no$gba cheat codes library
;  :cart_header_title:[NTR-]cart_header_gamecode:codebreaker_checksum
;  [type [RAW] code [,code [,code]]] [;comment]
;types: CB,GS,V3 (GBA) or AR,CB (NDS)
;unencrypted codes MAY contain modifiers such like GG..ZZ,##,??, etc.
CB 00000F9A 000A, 10000B54 0007 ;Enable Code (Must Be On)
CB 32008957 00FF ;Have All Vehicles
CB 33002B6A 0004 ;Infinite Lives
Is there already a similar database format for PSX games?


For actually implementing the cheat codes. I have these descriptions... ... format.htm ... format.htm
but that's including a lot of question marks and unknowns.
Does somebody know more about that, like if comparision codes are signed or unsigned?


Theoretically you could also run the original cheat software (from CDROM or Expansion ROM) in no$psx... but those programs are usually doing some unusual stuff that isn't emulated... some of the (older?) cheat program versions might be working though.

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