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What is PSXDEV?
What is PSXDEV?
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Post by tspfreitas » April 1st, 2023, 8:00 am

nocash wrote: August 12th, 2017, 11:28 am Hiya, the new version of my kernel clone is now also working as Expansion ROM (ie. it can be used with regular Xplorer & Datel cheat devices).
The binaries can be found in no$psx v2.0 (debug version) --> Utility --> Remote Access menu. There are several options for installing the file:
- You can extract the raw ROM Image (and then use whatever EEPROM burning tools you might have).
- You can extract the installer as EXE file (and run that file on the playstation to install the kernel clone).
- You can directly upload the installer via parallel port (in case anybody still has a PC with parallel port).

The kernel clones replaces the whole internal kernel and user interface. Some (dis-)advantages might be that the GUI looks different, the clone is written in ASM, so it's a lot faster than Sony's original kernel (though most games are synced with vblank or cdrom timings, so there may be not too much noticable differences - apart from cases like memory card access, which should be ways faster with the clone).

Some extra features are secret unlock commands for booting homebrew discs, plus the new Chipless Modchip feature for doing the thing faster (via minimal hardware mods). Plus a built-in VCD Player for PSX.

Parallel Port features
And, built-in parallel port support for cheat devices (yes, I am still using parallel ports, and if you have one, you will probably agree that they are still faster than more popular things like serial ports (at least with my new uploader software, which is a lot faster than the original Xplorer uploads)). The main feature would be uploading EXE files (via no$psx Utility --> Upload) feature, allowing to test homebrew code on real hardware without needing to burn CDRs.
- For Xplorer carts, the kernel clone supports most of the original xplorer functions.
- For Datel carts, the kernel clone supports only the basic boot functions.
Note: Datel carts are somewhat incompatible with parallel ports. Which is half true, but they are almost compatible, and they can be made fully compatible with minor modification (aka "FiveWire" hardware mod). With that mod, the parallel port upload should even work without my kernel clone installed. Namely it should work if you have the original Action Replay firmware installed (which is so slow that it should work without certain handshaking signals), on the other hand it won't work if you have Caetla installed).
Hello, this clone bios is very interesting, I would like to test it on real hardware, in this case replacing the original bios with a new one, is it possible? board that I will test in question is PU-23

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Post by masterg0r0 » April 21st, 2023, 8:17 pm

BIOS as in the console BIOS or the AR cartridge?

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