Net Yaroze FPC File Information

Confidential documents, images and information by Sony and miscellaneous hackers for the Net Yaroze
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Net Yaroze FPC File Information

Post by Administrator » July 9th, 2013, 1:02 am

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fpc files (yaroze 'combined' files)

start of file contains file location info

offset		length		description
00-03		4			number of files in fpc file
04-07		4			length of file info bit
08-71		64			file descriptor

... include as many file descriptors here as there are files (assuming only one file)

68-end		filelength	file contained here

each file descriptor is as follows (64 bytes each)
offset		length		description
00-03		4			offset of file within fpc (from start of fpc)
04-07		4			length of file
08-63		56			null terminated filename
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