SCPH-9002 No boot, black screen

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cicikus nazmi
What is PSXDEV?
What is PSXDEV?
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SCPH-9002 No boot, black screen

Post by cicikus nazmi » August 30th, 2023, 9:43 pm

Hi im new on this forum i hope you guys can help me. Today i was playing gran turismo 1 on my ps1 9002, when its loading the race it stayed on black screen for too long. I thought laser stopped and open the lid and closed again so it will work again but it didn't load. I restarted it and boom no display :D

Now system is not booting but it sends the video signal to tv but its black screen, no display. Laser is working it spins the disc but cant spin 2x because no boot. I checked voltages on various test points on the board and the fuses they all look good. By the way no sound is generated. I checked the psu voltages they are fine and i did tried it with another psu. Nothing changed. I took of the modchip that i installed years ago in case of it puts short. Nothing changed.

So im out of ideas what could be the problem? i owned this system for 4 years never had problems today it decided to give up suddenly.
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