Unofficial PS1 CD Drive Service Manual

General information to do with the PlayStation 1 Hardware. Including modchips, pinouts, rare or obscure development equipment, etc.
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Unofficial PS1 CD Drive Service Manual

Post by alexfree » September 30th, 2022, 5:49 pm

I have been working on this for quite a long time. This manual/guide describes the methods I use to refurbish and to attempt to bring back PS1 CD drives from the dead. This should be considered WIP, the manual is at v1.0 but gets the job done explaining the concepts and methods. ... ice-manual

Simply following this service manual can:

Fix FMV stutters/glitches/playback failure.
Decrease previously abnormally high load times.
Make a console that normally only read discs if you turn the entire console vertical or upside down (try this if you haven't yet!) work in the correct, standard orientation.
Fix stuttering and or lag in games that steam a lot of data off of the disc during play.
Fix sudden cut-outs/silence during CD audio playback.
Stop the CD drive from constantly gets 'lost' trying to track the CD, sometimes causing runoff where the laser sled seeks all the way to the end of the disc before possibly completely 'giving up' reading the disc entirely.
Fix loud harsh noises coming from the CD Drive, such as clicking and rattling.


The Lubrication thread on PSXDEV discussing the wonders of re-lubrication in the CD drive
The Laser Alignment in a Sony Playstation SCPH1002 page by Mick Feuerbacher.
The What I've Learned Fixing Optical Drives page by samson7point1.

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