What is it for and how to use the UART adapter on PS1? /PSYQ on W7 and W10.

General Programming help in C, C++ or ASM, Compiling / Debugging, and R3000A Central Processing Unit (CPU) information
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What is it for and how to use the UART adapter on PS1? /PSYQ on W7 and W10.

Post by acid juice » October 8th, 2022, 2:14 pm

Hello guys
Before leaving my question here, I must inform you that this is the first post I create in this amazing community, so it's not the wrong peak, I apologize for the mistake and that if possible, go to the correct place. Thanks.

I'm being used in programming with C and one of my goals is to program something on the PS1, and without searching the UART > USB adapter that is being used in the SERIAL port of the device. The question is, what is this adapter for on PS1? what do i do with it that i need one so much to be able to program something in it? Can I display on my PC monitor the codes that are running inside the device?

These are basic things, I admit, but I'm lost because what I found of information was very vague and not very enlightening.

Leveraging the post, can PS1 SDKs like PSYQ and others run on Windows 10 or 7? If yes, how do I run them? I currently use Code::Blocks to program in C, do I need to add an extension to it or reinstall a new program?

I appreciate any help, as I'm lost on what I should do to reach my goal, any help or tips like websites, texts, PDF's are welcome.
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