Silas S. Warner the psxdev?

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Silas S. Warner the psxdev?

Post by gwald » January 27th, 2023, 6:18 pm

I was reading scea_bbs.pdf (
And while I was searching, I noticed a frequent name, Silas S. Warner.

I searched for wolf:
11/1/95 10:48 AM
Re: Texturing RSD files
Silas S. Warner
3D Development
Hi, but I was wondering if you are THE Silas Warner???? Of Castle Wolfenstein fame????

Referring to this Silas Sayers Warner: ... perId,673/

Silas didn't reply to that, at least I couldn't find any mention of it (it's 1340 pages, and Silas has many posts).

But I too was curious and found his homepage: ... silas.html

And around that time he was:
Velocity Incorporated, San Francisco, CA.

Senior Software Engineer for Game Platform Products


    Constructed prototype of 3-D racing game on Sony PlayStation
    Built 3 sound drivers for PC Windows version of Spectre
    Engineered system for real-time voice broadcast over the Internet
    Designed 3-D graphics subsystem for Sega 32X 

It's interesting because, the few places I've read about him, they all seem to stop at around 1993 and the SNES.
Looks like he worked on PS2 also.

RIP Silas Warner, a fellow PSXDEV'er :ugeek:

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