PSUTOOLS - Convert PS2 PSU save files to MCS and vice versa

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PSUTOOLS - Convert PS2 PSU save files to MCS and vice versa

Post by LameGuy64 » July 2nd, 2016, 12:58 am

These are some old save file tools I made a long time ago. Basically, if you have a PS2 with uLaunchELF, you can use these tools to extract your PS1 save files in a usable mcs format by copying your PS1 saves from a PS2 memory card to your USB drive in PSU format with uLaunchELF's file manager and then convert it into mcs with these tools.

The tools we're written in FreeBASIC and full source code is included... I'm not sure if the output of mcs2psu works however, I don't exactly remember if it did.
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