[DOWNLOAD] X-Flash Source Code (V1.2 BETA 1 - BETA 5)

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[DOWNLOAD] X-Flash Source Code (V1.2 BETA 1 - BETA 5)

Post by Shadow » April 11th, 2018, 1:50 am

Back in 2001 Herben sent Tim an email asking for a copy of the X-Flash source code. Tim was browsing through his old emails and found a reply to that email. It contained a copy of the X-Flash source code. If it wasn't for Herben asking him for the source code (and Tim sending him a copy) then the source code would have been lost forever :praise

There are un-released versions in here (all the way up to V1.2 BETA 5).
It's recommended that they are not compiled and released publicly until they are properly tested.

If anyone starts a project based off of this code, it MUST be open source so everyone can work on it since we'd want to only have one program which handles everything, especially since now we can add new chips for higher compatibility.

X-Flash Source Code.zip
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