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Yarexe -converts the Net Yaroze siocon's script to a psx.exe

Posted: February 11th, 2016, 5:39 pm
by gwald
YarEXE Hacked together by me, gwald
Yarexe is a single program which converts Net Yaroze executable to a single psx.exe file via a siocons script (auto).
yarexe.exe is win32 exec
yardos.exe is dos/win98 exec (compiled with DJGPP/GO32)
yarexe.c is my hacky coding putting it together.
org-src is the orginal code of all programs required


Syntax: yarexe <scriptfile> [optional: libps.exe file]
You must have LIBPS.EXE in the local folder or the root folder of current drive ie C:\ D:\ etc
Output files is psx.exe, which is ready to run! - if it didn't create it, something went wrong in combine or eco2exe
Temporary files are combine.tmp and combEco.exe which is a siocon's script combined file and ecoff to exe applied.

Copyright is of the respective owners, wherever they are! We thank you!

auto (Net Yaroze script) must have the last line as:

To run on the no$psx emulator [ <- tip the man!] it MUST be a .exe file!
Create a runpsx.bat like:
C:\no$PSX\NO$PSX.EXE psx.exe

Save it in your bin path then it
To run no$PSX in the background in winXP+ use:
START /B C:\no$PSX\NO$PSX.EXE psx.exe

Thanks to @SCPH-1002 for the combine code!! and of cause the guys that wrote the 3 programs required! :mrgreen:

Re: Yarexe -converts the Net Yaroze siocon's script to a psx

Posted: July 1st, 2016, 2:27 pm
by gwald
Update, there was a few cases where it didn't work.. ie the combined file was padded and didn't need fixing.
Also, added local load file extensions that I use, .exe and .sys
Very hacky, but works fine.

Re: Yarexe -converts the Net Yaroze siocon's script to a psx

Posted: March 29th, 2017, 10:36 am
by gwald
I've set up a github for this and I'll update it there, rather then posting zip files here.