DIYing a plug that fits the PlayStation's parallel port to boot from a ROM

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Post by prochazkaml » August 6th, 2022, 8:46 pm

Alright. Bit of an insane idea:

DigiKey appears to be the only store where the correct 68-pin connector is available, but their shipping rates to the Czech Republic are astronomical (1300 CZK ? 54 USD!!). Of course, they give you free shipping when your shopping cart value is over 1300 CZK (without VAT, so you actually have to buy over 1573 CZK to get free shipping), but I couldn't care less.

In contrast, Farnell has way better shipping rates (around 200 CZK including VAT), but they only stock a 50 pin version of the same connector (they're identical in every other way). So I thought that I could buy 2 of these, chop them up, join them together and end up with a bit flaky, but hopefully functional 68 pin connector. Each one costs 74 CZK, which is less than half of the 68 pin connector sold on Digikey (154 CZK), so overall, it's actually cheaper. If it ends up working, that is.


So I ordered 2 pieces (along with some other stuff, including a 512 kB 3.3 V parallel flash chip for the final cart). We'll see how it goes.
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