Best laser lens for Playstation?

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Re: Best laser lens for Playstation?

Post by DD-Indeed » January 7th, 2017, 12:36 am

I need to lift this topic, since I have some thoughts about lasers. I recently ordered two different laser units, one brand new chinese copy, KSM-440BAM and another one, that's genuie good shaped original one, KSM-440ADM (pulled out from NTSC-J console, 5500-series). I read somewhere, that lasers in 5500-series ones are the last proper quality ones, since they started to reduce manufacturing costs of the units after that. So, should I just maintain that original Sony one and use the chinese copy as spare parts perhaps ? At least the spindle motor should be good one in chinese models, but the gears are rubbish really.

What's more, I have one broken chinese unit, that I could customize to make it last longer, with some thin metal applied to the laser sled to prevent wearing. Some experiments with that would be interesting to try out. :)

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Re: Best laser lens for Playstation?

Post by Gradius » October 5th, 2017, 9:13 am

Sorry for the bump.

The best lasers are from 700x models and UP.

5501 is just a little bit better than 100x models, but they are worse in comparison to 700x and up models.

As for DAC, the best option is just to make the SPDIF mod on them.

Btw, as for video part, is better on 750x models and up (dunno about model 7000, too lazy to see the schematics).


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