Sony DTL-H2010 CD-ROM Drive Internal Pictures

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Sony DTL-H2010 CD-ROM Drive Internal Pictures

Post by Shadow » July 1st, 2014, 4:56 pm

This drive cost me a fair amount of money to buy and took me a long time to acquire.
As you can tell, most of the CD-ROM drive data handling takes place on the DTL-H2000.
I ask nothing in return for these pictures. A thanks goes out to 'An' for selling the drive. Enjoy!




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Re: Sony DTL-H2010 CD-ROM Drive Internal Pictures

Post by nocash » July 2nd, 2014, 6:56 am

Interesting, many thanks for that photos!

The mechanics are looking as if its a real front-loading drive (unlike the pseudo-front-loading DTL-H2510 drive, which is actually containing a tray with a normal top-loading PSX cdrom drive unit).

The chipset consists of at least four chips... EDIT: No, more than four chips (just noticed that there are more photos at ):

Code: Select all

  IC101 100pin SONY CXD2515Q (Signal Processor + Servo Amp)   ;#
  IC102 28pin  BA6297AFP                                      ; on mainboard
  ICxx  20pin  SONY CXA1571N (RF Amp) (on tiny daughtboard)   ; (HCMK-81X)
  CN101 21pin connector to DEX2010.SCH board                  ;
  CN10x 12pin connector to KSS-240A (laser pickup)            ;
  S101   2pin pos0 switch or so?                              ;
  M101   2pin spindle motor                                   ;/
  U1    20pin 74ALS244BN                        ;#
  U2    20pin 74ALS244BN                        ;
  U3    20pin 74ALS244BN                        ; on DEX2010.SCH board
  J1     2pin connector to EJECT BUTTON         ;
  J2     5pin connector to LOADING MOTOR        ;
  J3    21pin connector to mainboard            ;
  JP1   40pin external connector to DTL-H2000   ;/
  CN151  5pin connector to DEX2010.SCH board    ;#
  M151   2pin loading motor (eject motor)       ; on CDM 14, CMK PSX board
  S151   2pin OUT SW ;#switches, probably to    ;
  S152   2pin IN SW  ;/sense load/eject status  ;/
  CN1    2pin connector to DEX2010.SCH board    ;#on DTL-H2010(1) board
  SW1    2pin eject button                      ;/
  (assume "#" = backslash; the webpage can't display backslashes at end of line)
The part numbers on the mainboard are all different as in retail consoles:

CXD2515Q: There's no datasheet for that chip, only a small pdf that contains the chip's pinouts - which are almost same as on CXD2545Q chips, only three pins are different: Pin24=ADII (instead of ADIO), Pin25=ADIO (instead of RFC), Pin68=C4M (instead of FSOF). I don't know if any of that pin differences is actually relevant though. Neither of the chips seem to contain support for front-loading drive mechanics. Maybe the CXD2515Q lacks support for SCEx protections. Or maybe there are other/internal differences.
Anyways, assuming that the DTL-H2010 drive is older than PSX retail consoles, it's interesting that Sony did already had the Signal Processor & Servo Amplifier intergrated in a single chip at time when making the DTL-H2010 (whilst in retail consoles, they didn't use such integrated chips on PU-7/PU-8 boards, until they finally invented the CXD2545Q on PU-18 boards).
At software side, the CXD2515Q might actually use the same commands/registers as CXD2545Q (or as the earlier CXA1782BR+CXD2510Q combos, which used similar commands/registers). The DTL-H2000 cdrom firmware EPROM (if it were dumped) should reveal that details.

BA6297AFP: Yet another variant of the BA6398FP, BA6397FP, BA5947FP, AN8732SB 4-channel BTL drivers.

CXA1571N: Another variant of the CXA1791N, CXA2575N-T4 RF-Amplifiers. The way how it is installed (on the daughterboard with 5 wires attached to random spots on the mainboard) looks a bit like patchwork, maybe the DTL-H2010 was originally intended to work without that chip.
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Re: Sony DTL-H2010 CD-ROM Drive Internal Pictures

Post by Gradius » July 2nd, 2014, 1:52 pm

Some infos on laser pickup:


T-: Tracking Coil
F-: Focus Coil

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