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PSY-Q VirtualBox VM

Posted: June 3rd, 2014, 8:22 am
by KrossX
I tried the VirtualPC way, but ended up making this one. Maybe it will be useful for someone else too.

[Download], 217MiB / 854MiB uncompressed.

I packed the vbox file and the vid virtual drive. The idea was to just have a minimal vm to run the tools under, and do all the coding from the host. It has a lite WinXP installation, with the shared folders integration. The shared folder path must be absolute, and can be edited from the GUI (after the error about it on first usage) or with a text editor (line 142). There might be other errors but a quick google search seemed to point the export/import functionality to be a bit unreliable.

Other than the shared folder setting, and if there are no problems it should be a matter of:

. Extract to a folder
. Edit shared folder path (to where the projects will be)
. Install VirtualBox
. Go to Machine -> Add, and select the extracted file.

With the seamless mode I end up with something like this: screenshot, with just a command prompt from the VM. Project files and all remain on the host.