how to setup and compile games under Visual Studio!

General help for the PSY-Q SDK, such as setting the SDK up, compiling correctly, linking and debugging
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What is PSXDEV?
What is PSXDEV?
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how to setup and compile games under Visual Studio!

Post by fplgenius » May 17th, 2013, 8:16 pm

Hi guys, new here in the PS world.
I'm wondering about this process.
I cannot for the life of me setup this under Visual Studio.
It works fine through command line BUT I want to build everything through Visual Studio.
I wasted 2 days to configure it but failed.

I'll put here what I have done so far so maybe give me a few pointers about additional setup.
I've set the include, lib dir under "Project properties" to C:\Psyq\PSYQ SDK(this is my folder to diferentiate from other PC projects.
I then open this hello world and correct few bugs and when i finally try to compile, debugger says that libetc.lib is CORRUPT or invalid.
I tried to make a makefile project but failed to do it also because when i setup this i goes into compilation process and cannot make .pce what is understandable but because i configured it like: PSYMAKE /f makefile.make it should make it because of exe cpe2x, but it doesn't it just goes into infinite loop it compiles successful but can't go any further.
Every bit of info would be very appropriate.
Thanks in advance:


I somehow succeeded but epsxe cannot run it.
So my advice to all of you just use Visual Studio during development and when it comes time to compile use psymake or batch files.
Happy coding :)

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