EA Games - NCAA Football 2001 RAM Layout

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EA Games - NCAA Football 2001 RAM Layout

Post by Shadow » September 13th, 2015, 2:42 pm

Taken from: http://colinfahey.com/ncaa_football_200 ... ation.html

It's quite interesting to see how EA laid out their memory mapping. Mind you that the file is called "ncaa_football_2001_old_memory_map", so the retail version may not be represented like this in any way, shape or form.

"NFPSX.CPE" would be their initial setup routines, in which the child processes (overlays) would use. The overlays are static in RAM, and do not alter between PS-EXE jumps. It's a fast way to consume memory, but it also decreases the load times dramatically. The "allocated" memory is dynamic, and would most likely be the heap. These would be setup by the called overlays and called back many times between loading screens. Data loading would mostly just be 'entertainment' data, such as audio and textures, as the BIN's (most likely just headless and or compressed PS-EXE's) are already present in memory, so again, it reduces the load times dramatically.

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