Cheat Devices - Caetla Code Format

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Cheat Devices - Caetla Code Format

Post by nocash » December 30th, 2013, 10:29 pm

When searching info about Xplorer and ActionReplay code formats, I've come across this webpage:, which saying this:
The only known documentation of the code types for this device are at the following links: ... atures.txt - Caetla 0.341 Features list @ Internet Archive ... 1300.shtml - "New Revolution - Code Master - 07-13-00" @ Internet Archive
I was thinking about Caetla as some hardware debugging utility. But according to the above links it does also seem to support Cheat Codes? And... different ones, that aren't compatible with ActionReplay and Xplorer?
Hmmm, and what is Caetla 0.341 ? The normal/known Caetla versions are 0.34 and 0.35 and so on. Which makes me think that Caetla 0.341 might be some inofficially hacked revision of 0.34 - could that be so?

The "new" Caetla codes mentioned in the above .txt file are:

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  C3aaaaaa 0000     ;\Indirect 8bit Write  [[aaaaaa]+bbbb]=dd
  9100bbbb 000000dd ;/
  C3aaaaaa 0001     ;\Indirect 16bit Write [[aaaaaa]+bbbb]=dddd (Tomb Raider 2)
  9100bbbb 0000dddd ;/
  C3aaaaaa 0002     ;\Indirect 32bit Write [[aaaaaa]+bbbb]=dddddddd
  9100bbbb dddddddd ;/
  FFFFFFFF 0001     ;-Optional prefix for GameShark 2.2 codes(force non-caetla)
  12aaaaaa dddddddd ;-32bit Increment [aaaaaa]=[aaaaaa]+dddddddd
  22aaaaaa dddddddd ;-32bit Decrement [aaaaaa]=[aaaaaa]-dddddddd
And worse, the .txt file does also mention 10aaaaaa+11aaaaaa+20aaaaaa+21aaaaaa increment/decrement codes, more or less same as on ActionReplay, but swapped around. Eg. 8bit Increment would be: ActionReplay=20aaaaaa, and Caetla=10aaaaaa. I am not sure if that is a typo in the .txt file, or if there are really different conflicting numberings implemented.
According to the .txt file those increment/decrement codes can be prefixed by "FFFFFFFF 0001" to make them act as on GS 2.2, but the .txt file does also claim that this "Is NOT needed", so... what?

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