I have helped to install a PV solar system

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I have helped to install a PV solar system

Post by nocash » May 28th, 2024, 1:58 am

I've helped to install a 6 kW photovoltaik PV system with 18 panels. The PV components are a bit bigger than in DIY projects for digital electronics, and I didn't have any experience with PV, but it's been actually quite simple (and saved a lot of money).

The whole thing consists of two strings, one string with east-facing PV panels, and one with west-facing ones. In each string, you use the attached plugs & cables to wire the (+) connector on one panel to the (-) connector on the next panel (much like putting batteries into a torch or walkman). It's kinda plug and go, and quite impossible to get the polarity wrong.

In some sections you need to make extension cables - with a (+) connector on one end, and (-) on the other end - to cover longer distances between panels (and from the string ends to the inverter). We've hired an electrician for the final connection to the AC grid.

Altogether it takes about 5 days and 2 persons to complete the installation (with stands and weights and wiring). It's been so much fun that I helped a neighbor to install the same PV system afterwards. Perhaps the biggest obstacle is getting started, getting a clear picture of what components are required, and which ones fit together. I've made a webpage with an installation guide, with a few pictures, drawings, and component lists:

http://problemkaputt.de/pv.htm (german)

It's currently in german only, and specifically for the kind of buildings in the neighborhood; although it should also work for other buildings with similar flat rooftops and slightly differently arranged PV-panels.

I hope that it might motivate one or two people to switch to greener energy sources. And if not for that reason: It does also save money (we've paid 7,000 EUR for the components and electrician, and expect to generate energy worth about 20,000 EUR in the next 20 years, according to german electricity prices). Or, well, I didn't pay that myself, I've just helped with the installation.

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