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Console I Received Was a Different Model Than Expected (ebay

Posted: July 28th, 2016, 9:13 am
by likeabaus
Hey everyone,
So I was expecting to receive an scph-7501 from a seller on ebay and was excited because I have a goldfinger cartridge lying around that works, which would hold me over until I can (hopefully) get my hands on a PS-IO. Well it turns out the seller was mistaken and the console is a 9001 with no parallel port woe is me. I imagine they were either selling multiple psx's and didn't pay attention to which ones shipped where etc, or they made a serious typo. No big deal either way, I'm not going to return it simply because its a different model when it works perfectly fine. The seller had no idea I was planning on using this for development anyways. So, now the goldfinger cartridge is out unless I want to solder a parallel port to my console which at that point I might as well just chip it haha. Which leads me to my next dilemma, I have an Arduino Uno I also received in the mail as well from another seller, that I randomly bought cause it was a good price and I see that it would be something fun to play around with. After doing some research it looks like somebody made an open source modchip using Arduino hardware for the psx/psone (called PSnee) perfect!

However, there's a 30 day return policy on the console and where these old consoles are so prone to faulty laser lens assemblies due to all the moving parts and how old they are, I'd rather not crack the console open just yet. I have confirmed that the console CAN infact read recordable media using the swap trick, but that is so damn tedious its not even funny. Not to mention eventually, I'll damage the spindle up or the motor itself if I keep it up. I was thinking about picking up a used PS-X-Change boot disc in the mean time for safely doing the trick until I'm able to install the Arduino modchip. I'm familar with the boot discs and how they work (used gamesharks in the past and swap magic on the ps2 etc) but does anyone have any experience with this particular one? Is it any good. I can get a used copy shipped to me from within the states (where i'm located) so it wouldn't take long to get here, just wanted to know what other's thoughts were on this.