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Reset the screen

Posted: October 28th, 2018, 10:15 pm
by New Nova
Hi there.
I'm learning about making some PS1 programs, and I want to know how to reset the screen to display something else.
Let me explain.
I have a little program who display "HELLO WORLD" by pressing X. It also display "PRESS X TO HELLO" constantly.
So when I press X :

BUT I want to make the first line disappearing and the "HELLO WORLD" one displaying at the first line.
I attempt "ResetGraph(0)" and reinitialize everything to reprint, but it didn't work (just a black screen).

Can you help me out ?

Thanks :)

Re: Reset the screen

Posted: October 31st, 2018, 8:05 pm
by Shadow
Easy. Make a variable and toggle between it when you press the X button. You don't need to reset the GPU each time either. That's silly. Just use an else statement with the FntPrint line or use a switch/case for multiple lines.