I'm doing PS1 mods for free during covid-19 outbreak

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Curious PSXDEV User
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I'm doing PS1 mods for free during covid-19 outbreak

Post by retroleah » April 14th, 2020, 7:11 am

HI everyone :)

I live in the UK, where due to coronavirus the whole country is on lockdown. My income is secure enough (the state is helping businesses and workers) such that I don't need to worry about money for a while. I want to keep busy doing fun stuff so I'm offering free mod services to everyone. This is mostly to kill boredom, because right now I have nothing to do all day. I sit around on twitter and irc all day, totally bored out of my mind.

I am the owner of https://retrofreedom.com/ which is my recently launched console mod tutorial site (not all of my mods are documented there yet). I want to mod all kinds of consoles for people and make YouTube videos about them (and tutorials for retrofreedom). This is one of the reasons I'm offering to do them for free at the moment, because I want to make video tutorials and such but don't have much money to buy consoles/parts. I've only recently started to engage commercially and haven't made any sales/money yet... well now my thinking is, fuck it. To get my foot in the door of this very niche cottage industry, you cannot compete with free :) I'll probably start charging money later in the year if I get popular, but for now this is just a hobby and I want to give back to the community that helped me get to the skill level I'm at now.

I'm a highly competent modder who just does this for fun. Kind of like how Saitama in One Punch Man is just a hero for fun. Here are some pictures of some of my modchip installs (for various consoles, not just PS1. one of them is a SNES SuperCIC modchip):


If you want to take advantage of my offer (yes this offer is real!), contact me on twitter:

You can see examples of my modwork on on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQH7N2 ... 1zkdhaAPfg which is my YouTube channel. During my time off from work (over these next few months) I plan to have fun in my lab doing what I love: soldering!

You cover shipping costs both ways. Send the console plus whatever kit you want installed (e.g. modchip or PSIO kit) and I'll mod it for you :) I already know in my head several different mods for several consoles, but if there's one i don't know, I can still do it for you as long as I have documentation / install guides.

I've been doing PS1 mods for quite a while. I offer the following mods:

* PS1 modchip installs (MM3, onechip etc. Full 8-wire install. I use shortwire technique like lord voultar)

* PS2 modchip installs (modbo4)... I do them even neater than voultar in some cases (on fat PS2s)

* PSIO switchboard installs (PS1 flash cart. lets you boot games from SD card)

* CSYNC mods (on PS1 and PS2)
CSYNC is a pure sync signal which PS1/PS2 doesn't output by default. CSYNC replaces luma and composite video in this mod, so that only RGB SCART will work. On PS2 this also disables Sync on Green which removes support for Component Video (but with this mod, it's possible to get progressive 480p/576p via RGB SCART on an upscaler like open source scan converter. Normally it's only possible via component video, unless you disable SOG and route clean attenuated csync to the multi-out)

* RGBHV mods (PS1 only)

* LED mods (e.g. replace LED)

plus whatever other mod you can think of

Yes you read that right... I'm doing this for free. I need something to keep me busy and occupied so that I don't get bored. During these troubling times I'm staying indoors and I get bored. Prior to the virus, I was ordering consoles on a regular basis, studying various retro systems. I look at schematics, poke around boards and figure things out. I've often reinvented mods that were already documented online :S

I just enjoy modding playstations. I can also mod PS2s and other consoles (see my youtube channel). I do console modding for fun and I want to give back to the community for a while. I won't be doing it for free forever!

If you send a console to me, you have to supply the console and any modding parts you want me to install... e.g. you have to include the modchip or PSIO switch board etc.

You have to cover shipping costs both ways. However, I cover the cost of solder, flux, wires, capacitors (for csync mods) etc.

Other mods I can do....

Sega MegaDrive/Genesis:

* Triple Bypass mod on model II (and VA7 model 1) or RGB Bypass + M1 Mini Mega on VA0-VA6 model 1s

* Overclock mod (except on VA4 model 2)

* Dual oscillator for PAL/NTSC timings, plus 50/60 eng/jap switches for region-free booting of games

Similar mods on sega master system

Super Nintendo (SNES)

* 50/60hz, SuperCIC modchip, dual oscillators, de-jitter fix etc.

Check my youtube where I convert a PAL SNES into a Super Famicom ;)


Some info about my setup. You saw example pics of my work above.

For soldering I use a small J-tip for small joints... for bigger joints either a mini or full size chisel tip.

I use decent quality solder and flux

My soldering station is an aoyue 27a3+. has hot air, de-solder and soldering iron. i use them all

For most joints I use decent quality 30awg stranded copper wire (I *do not* use kynar. With stranded copper, due to capillary force, you get stronger joints though it's harder to work with).

That's for data lines and such. For power lines I use thicker 26awg or thicker, or I use 2 30awg wires. Always stranded copper!

The wire that I use has an extremely high melting point on the insulation.

I use 60/40 lead solder whenever possible, or the best quality lead-free that I can find.

I use 99% isopropyl alcohol and an anti-static brush to clean off flux and then soak up the flux when i'm done with the work.

I'm a highly experienced modder. I've not been online for long but I've done this for a long time. I make high quality joints...

you will not find ANY hot glue in any of my modwork ;)

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