[WTB] NTSC Video Oscillator

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Curious PSXDEV User
Curious PSXDEV User
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[WTB] NTSC Video Oscillator

Post by dan9550 » November 23rd, 2019, 1:00 am

Lucky me I'm in possession of a PU-8 board that has the extra space a second oscillator. Would anyone possibly have an NTSC oscillator they would be willing to sell?

It's the 53.69Mhz oscillator if I'm not mistaken.

May consider an entire board or system.

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Re: [WTB] NTSC Video Oscillator

Post by rama3 » November 23rd, 2019, 2:01 am

Alternatively, use a clock generator, programmed with an Arduino.
It's convoluted but cheap.
https://www.ebay.de/itm/Si5351A-I2C-25M ... 2792530068

And a simpler design is a single ESP32 dev module. Using the audio PLL can directly synthesize 53.69MHz and output it on a pin.

Curious PSXDEV User
Curious PSXDEV User
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Re: [WTB] NTSC Video Oscillator

Post by retroleah » April 14th, 2020, 7:45 am

You can find these oscillators on aliexpress. they're much bigger though, but you can glue the oscillator to the rf shield and route the wires through to where you hook up the signal. Here's an example of how I do oscillator mods on PS1s:


NOTE: It's not exactly 53.69mhz. it's actually 53.693175 mhz.

That's what you should search for. AliExpress is basically china's official website :P

NOTE: Those bigger oscillators are normally used on 5v systems but they usually work on 3.3v power rails. PS1 uses 3.3v everywhere, including for oscillator.

Also, beware the difference between a crystal and an oscillator. What you want is an oscillator.

If you see 2-pin oscillators, they're not oscillators, those are just crystals. The oscillator is the circuit that generates the sine wave, in this case it's a "crystal oscillator" circuit.

Actual oscillators have 4 pins, not 2.

I recommend using real oscillators, not clock generator / synthesizer like the other person above recommended. Real oscillators tend to produce much cleaner waves (as seen on oscilliscope)

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