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Posted: September 9th, 2013, 7:13 am
by legacy
wops i forget to post here first =)

what i have to say ? first of all, thank you for this web, it is full of very interesting tricks & tips.
what about me ? I can say that i like Mips so much that i have bought an older Atlas board (MIPS32-r1)and a lot of MIPS books i can find on Amazon, e.g. "see the MIPS run" (a very interesting reading)

I am also toying with Fonera2202 SoC, which is MIPS32-r2 core, but ... the playstation1 is the only piece of hardware that i found offering the R3000, the first real MIPS of the party, and this is reason i found this web: to collect information about the replacement of the PSX bios with a pretty crude piece of R3K assembly.

Why ? Cause i planned to play games with playstation4, and toying with asm with the old Playstation1 :lol:

i also like 68000, i developed i tiny board with 68000 @ 12.5Mhz with 64Kbyte of NVram

yeah, i am that kind of guy who like to put an Harlock flag on old PDA if a pretty m68k core is discovered behind the plastic

that's all folks, See you around :D