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What is PSXDEV?
What is PSXDEV?
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Hi there!

Post by Junior Jr. » March 20th, 2019, 12:39 pm

Hello everyone, firstly I may be a newbie when it comes to PS1 developing and programming, but I do know a thing or two about coding languages that it shouldn't be too tricky to get the hang of it. (My main language is Python, I'm currently learning the ropes in C#, and I've always wanted to give C and C++ a try)

I've been rekindling my love for the PS1 ever since with emulators like the PCSXR-PGXP and playing my personal favourite title (Die Hard Trilogy baby!), so I want to try and build my own 3D adventure game!

So far I've downloaded the Psy-Q SDK and messed around with MC-32, because I want my game to feature a lot of FMV cutscenes. The tutorials by LameGuy64 were really helpful, but his STR demo disc took up 80MB and fitting in multiple videos in a 650MB disc can be excruciating and require a lot of compressing. So I've been experimenting by taking 5 minute and 10 minute videos and formatting them into WEBMs, while decreasing the resolution and bitrate, so they're just small enough to fit in 1/5 of a PS1 disc.

So far my progress has been annoying, FFmpeg does get the job done but when it turns my WEBM to uncompressed AVI, it bumps up the file size to over 400MB! After compressing it to STR that only knocks it down to 80MB. There must be some way to keep the file size down so you can fit in half an hour worth of videos, if Spider-Man and Toy Story 2 can do it, there must be some answer. I'll keep trying and see what I can do, but in the meantime I'm glad to be here and hopefully I'll make some good friends too. :D

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Re: Hi there!

Post by Shadow » April 1st, 2019, 1:53 pm

Toy Story 2 used a custom compression scheme I believe and they used a widescreen mode to make the total filesize considerably smaller.
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