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What is PSXDEV?
What is PSXDEV?
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Hello everyone!

Post by tehnasty » February 2nd, 2020, 8:24 am

Hi guys! I'm new in town and just want to introduce myself! I'm an EE by trade and have been hacking, rooting, building, soldering, tinning, fluxing, partying, and doing all sorts of nerd hacking things for pretty much ever. I stumbled upon this forum when I was looking for some PSX BIOS for my rooted Switch. I've never been much of a contributor in the hacking scene because my programming skills were pretty shiet. I always usually stuck to hardware mods such as modchips, sleepers, building portable consoles and whatnot. PSX modchips have always been fun to do too!

In saying this, my first contribution will probably be the SCPH-7501 BIOS that I will be ripping for the forum. I noticed that it wasnt anywhere here and I couldnt find it online. It's funny because I was going on a massive modchipping spree and modded this SCPH-7501 and then found out the laser is dead....Luckily my brother had a spare 7501, and I'm going to laser swap it and then follow this guide guide (If there's an easier way to rip the BIOS let me know):

https://www.ngemu.com/threads/psx-bios- ... ide.93161/

My Plan is burn BIOS dumper, set up Dex Drive, and go through the process. Might need to find an old PC laying around with a serial port or get an adapter because it looks like the Dex Drive is RS232.

Since I cant PM anyone, not sure how I can add it to the BIOS collection here:


I'm also pretty sure I have an SCPH-9501 somewhere, which I also plan to rip for the community. Anyway, I hope to join and begin sharing my skills with the community!

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